Joe Davison

Red Gears Studios Announces Sorority of the Damned - We're In!

Filmmaker Joe Davison will be leading a gaggle of hotties in his upcoming film Sorority of the Damned. This horror-comedy will take a look at the age-old good girls turned witches theme and give it a modern twist. Can't wait!

As Night Falls On DVD This November

November is gonna be a crazy month, man. I mean, it kicks off the holiday season, we slaughter tons of turkeys, there are two next gen systems hitting the market, and now Breaking Glass and Vicious Circle are releasing As Night Falls onto DVD!

AFM 2011: Sales Art and Details for As Night Falls

You know how they say that money is the root of all evil? Well, let us tell you that family is not far behind. Blood is only thicker than water because of the density of the troubles caused by these bastards. Case in point: the new terror tale As Night Falls.

Indie Star Turns Indie Director for Expermiment 7

Joe Davison, star of 100 Tears (review), Fearmakers and more indie horrors, has just announced his debut as both writer and director. It’s called Experiment 7 and will feature a virtual who’s-who of the indie scene, including directorial pieces shot by two other well-known indie horror helmers.