JJ Abrams

Cloverfield Monster Clip!

The first semi-clear look at the Cloverfield monster is finally online, and Daily Motion got it exclusively. Keep in mind, I said it’s semi clear, no big reveals here… but they’re right when they say “it’s alive, it’s huge!”. Check it out below! Cloverfield opens eveywhere on Friday, January 18th!

Cloverfield Monster Takes Down an Oil Rig

Wanna see what the Cloverfield monster did before it hit the shores of NYC? Sure you do! This kinda makes makes me wonder if this was reported to the U.S. at all and if so, if it was seen by the partygoers who are getting down when the Big Apple is attacked; you’d think it’d be cause for some concern, no?

See Five Minutes of Cloverfield and WIN!

Yet another film joins the growing disturbingly fast, "See a Few Minutes Now", trend -- this time it's the giant monster mash, Cloverfield. But the shenanigans don't stop there! Not only will you get to see a few minutes of the flick, you'll also get a chance to score your very own private screening!

Graves Set for Fringe

J.J. Abrams just can’t seem to stop making freaky TV shows, can he? The creator of “Lost” has another new project in the works called “Fringe”, and Sci Fi Wire reports today that “Journeyman” director Alex Graves has been tapped to direct the show’s pilot.

New Cloverfield Trailer With RE3?

Man, let me tell you, whoever is behind all this secrecy surrounding Cloverfield (or whatever it will eventually be called) they sure are doing a damn good job of keeping things confusing so far.

Exclusive Cloverfield Info!

A few months back I wrote an article about information I'd received from an insider source regarding an upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original movie premiering later this month called Mega Snake. In that article I bemoaned how I never get scoops on any big screen movies, just direct-to-DVD and Sci-Fi Channel stuff.