Jimmy Smits

A Sneak Peek of Dexter Episode 8.01 A Beautiful Day; New Wrap-Up Podcast with Miguel Prado

Ready for the premiere of the final season of "Dexter" this weekend? To help get you even more excited, here's a clip from Episode 8.01, "A Beautiful Day," along with another Wrap-Up Audio Podcast featuring a blast from the past.

Two More Seasons of Dexter Confirmed!

Probably the best birthday present I ever got was the first season of "Dexter". Sure, it wasn't a pony or a gas powered unicycle, but watching a man help solve crimes only to go out and commit them at night makes for some damn fine entertainment.

SDCC 08: Dexter Season 3 Details

Details just rolled in regarding the third season of Showtime's hit series "Dexter". This comes straight from the "Dexter" panel where our bundle of bald joy, Uncle Creepy, is sitting right now!

Smits to Join the Cast of Dexter

According to today's Hollywood Reporter, one of our readers' favorite TV shows will be getting a lift this fall in the form of charismatic actor Jimmy Smits.