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Three Clips from True Blood Episode 5.07 - In the Beginning

It's Thursday afternoon, which means it's time for HBO to cut loose with a few clips from the upcoming episode of "True Blood". Check out three sneak peeks of Episode 5.07, "In the Beginning"; it marks the start of the second half of what's turned out to be a pretty good season so far.

A Preview of True Blood Episode 5.07 - In the Beginning

We're halfway through Season 5 of "True Blood", and while we're definitely liking it better than Season 4, we're a bit miffed they killed off one of our favorite new characters last night! But the preview for next week's ep features Russell (another of our faves) so we'll forgive them this time.

A Trio of Clips from True Blood Episode 5.04 - We'll Meet Again

It looks like there are some shenanigans going on in the upcoming Episode 5.04 of "True Blood", entitled "We'll Meet Again", what with Sookie confessing and Alcide telling a half-truth. Check out these clips from the ep to see what they, as well as Pam, are up to.

A Preview of True Blood Episode 5.04 - We'll Meet Again

So far we're about 50% on board with this season of "True Blood". The Authority stuff is great, we can't wait for Russell's return, and of course we love anything Pam does, but the rest? Eh, not so much. Check out a preview of the upcoming Episode 5.04, "We'll Meet Again", and hope for the best next Sunday!

True Blood Cast Members Reveal Their Favorite Moments

Fans are always going on and on about their favorite moments from "True Blood" over the past four seasons, and now it's time for the stars of the show to reveal theirs. Check out this new video released by HBO - some of the choices may surprise you!

Three Preview Clips for True Blood Episode 45 - Let's Get Out of Here

While we wait to see if Eric is going to get his memory back in one of the four remaining "True Blood" episodes airing this season, HBO has provided three sneak peeks at this Sunday's ep, entitled "Let's Get Out of Here", which sadly don't shed much light on that particular question but do offer up a bit of what else we can expect.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Spellbound"; Preview of "Let's Get Out of Here"

After a few good episodes, "True Blood" hit a bump in the road last night with some really cheesy scenes interspersed with the vamp-witch showdown, but with just 4 more episodes to go this season, we're hanging in there with Alan Ball & Co. to the end. Here are a recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Spellbound" along with a preview of next week's "Let's Get Out of Here".

A Pair of Preview Clips for True Blood Episode 43 - Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Preview clips have arrived for the upcoming episode of "True Blood" entitled "Cold Grey Light of Dawn", and for some reason this week we only got two instead of the usual three. WTF? In any event, check 'em out and let us know how you're holding up considering there are just six more eps left in the season!

True Blood: Inside the Episode of "I Wish I Was the Moon"; Preview of "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

It was a full moon last night in Bon Temps, and "True Blood" fans who have been waiting for a certain couple to finally get horizontal got their wish. I'm just wishing Jason would get a decent storyline for a change! Anyway, here's a look "Inside the Episode" for "I Wish I Was the Moon" along with a preview of next week's "Cold Grey Light of Dawn".

An Invitation to the Set of True Blood Season Four

After months of waiting (which still sucks, by the way), fans of "True Blood" were given a short but sweet taste of what's in store for them in Season Four of the popular HBO series by way of a new video that goes on the set and includes quick soundbites from creator/executive producer Alan Ball along with just about everyone in the cast.

2010 Burbank Weekend of Horrors Photo Gallery Now Open

This past weekend (October 15-17) was quite a busy one for the horror community. On the East Coast was Rock & Shock while on the West Coast there were, amongst others, the Screamfest film festival, the 2010 Scream Awards, and the Weekend of Horrors. As a regular West Coast convention-goer, yours truly attended Creation's Weekend of Horrors at the Burbank Airport Marriott.

Two True Blood Cast Members and Clive Barker Added to Creation's Weekend of Horrors!

Creation Entertainment has added three new guests to its already packing lineup for the Weekend of Horrors, being held Friday, October 15 through Sunday, October 17, at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel.

A Sneak Peek at the True Blood Season 2 Blu-ray Character Profiles

Just about the only thing better than knowing Season 3 of HBO's "True Blood" is starting up on June 13th is the opportunity to revisit Season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray come May 25th. If you have a Blu-ray player, that'll surely be your format of choice, and here are sneak peeks of the four "character profiles" that'll be included to help build the anticipation.

Sneak Peek at True Blood Episode 22

Say it isn't so -- There are only three more episodes of "True Blood" left. This week's installment, entitled New World in My View, looks to amp things up a notch in anticipation of the season's conclusion on September 13th. And to get you amped up for it, HBO has provided a sneak peek.

Sneak Peeks at True Blood Episode 21

It's Friday, and that means one thing: HBO is giving us two sneak peeks at this weekend's "True Blood" episode!