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Grimm: Image Gallery for Episode 2.06 - Over My Dead Body; Synopsis for Episode 2.07 - The Bottle Imp

"Grimm" returns this Friday, September 28th, with Ep. 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," but we're already looking ahead to the next two weeks with an image gallery for Ep. 2.06, "Over My Dead Body", and the official synopsis for Ep. 2.07, "The Bottle Imp".

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

"Grimm" returns to the airwaves on Friday, September 28th, and NBC should have a clip or two to show us shortly. While we wait, here are a few stills from the upcoming Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd".

Full Synopsis Revealed for Grimm Episode 2.06 - Over My Dead Body

"Grimm" returns to Friday nights on NBC in two weeks, but in the meantime we've tracked down the official synopsis for the episode following that one, #2.06, entitled "Over My Dead Body," airing October 5th.

Casting News for Grimm's Halloween Episode Based on the La Llorona Legend

Kate del Castillo ("Weeds") is heading to NBC for the Halloween episode of "Grimm," titled "La Llorona," which is loosely based on the famed legend of a woman who drowned her children, as Nick and the gang take on the case of the Weeping Woman.

Grimm Is on the Move; Watch a Preview of Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

NBC's experiment of moving "Grimm" to Monday nights has ended, and the show returns to its regular Friday night 9:00 pm time slot on September 28th. Check out this preview of Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," in which "True Blood"'s Kristina Anapau guest stars.

Celebrate the Upcoming Blue Moon with an Image Gallery from Grimm Episode 2.03 - Bad Moon Rising

Before the August 31st Blue Moon arrives for us, a bad moon is coming for the residents of Portland in this Monday night's Episode 2.03 of "Grimm," entitled "Bad Moon Rising." Check out this collection of stills from the ep, and start howling!

True Blood's Kristina Anapau Guest Starring in Grimm Ep. 2.05 - The Good Shepherd; Full Synopsis Released

As her stint on "True Blood" as Maurella, a fairy, ends, Kristina Anapau is heading to another genre show, having been cast in Episode 2.05 of NBC's "Grimm" as a different type of creature, a Seelengut. Read on for the details and a full synopsis of the ep, titled "The Good Shepherd."

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.03 - Bad Moon Rising

Looking for a little more info on next week's Episode 2.03 of "Grimm," entitled "Bad Moon Rising"? We've got you covered with a sneak peek of the ep, in which Nick calls on his Blutbad pal Monroe once more to see if his presence will jog Juliette's memory.

Preview of Grimm Episode 2.03 - Bad Moon Rising

After the events of last night's episode of "Grimm," by the time next week rolls around, Nick may find that honesty is the only explanation he has left. Will Hank finally learn the truth? Check out this preview of Episode 2.03, "Bad Moon Rising," for a peek of the newest developments.

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.02 - The Kiss; Info on Live Tweeting to Occur TONIGHT!

Last week's season premiere of "Grimm" left us with a cliffhanger to rival the show's Season 1 finale. Hopefully tonight's episode, entitled "The Kiss," will bring some resolution along with the live tweeting that's happening on both coasts.

David Giuntoli Introduces a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.02 - The Kiss

Nick is in big trouble in this clip from the upcoming Episode 2.02 of NBC's "Grimm", entitled "The Kiss," but as usual Hank's on his way to help our hero out. Check it out, and tune in this Monday night at 10pm/9c.

Former Bones Intern Michael Grant Terry Joining NBC's Grimm

Another actor is heading to Portland for NBC's "Grimm," and we have all the details right here. Michael Grant Terry (on "Bones" he was one of Dr. Brennan's many interns) is joining the supernatural cop drama for a multi-episode arc and will first appear in Ep. 2.08, entitled "The Other Side."

Preview of Grimm Episode 2.02 - The Kiss

The race is on to save Juliette in the next episode of "Grimm," entitled "The Kiss," which also features guest stars James Frain, Jessica Tuck, Mike Dopud, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Check out the episode's preview right here.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Grimm Episode 2.01 - Bad Teeth

With "Grimm" Season 2 set to debut on NBC tonight at 10:00 pm, we have one last video to share: a behind-the-scenes look at the filming process for Episode 2.01, "Bad Teeth," that also includes a peek at some the props used in the series.

Grimm Cast Members Offer Up Some Hints Re Season 2; Full Synopsis Released for Ep. 2.03 - Bad Moon Rising

Monday's season premiere of "Grimm" is drawing closer, and we have a big batch of videos with all the regular cast members offering a few hints of what's in store during the second season. In addition NBC's released the full synopsis for Episode 2.03, "Bad Moon Rising."