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Three Supernatural Season Six Preview Videos and a Chat with Jared Padalecki

Finally The CW has decided to show a little bit of love for its old work horse "Supernatural" by releasing three new preview videos in advance of the series' Season Six debut on September 24th.

The CW Releases a Short "Summer" Trailer for Supernatural

Season Six of "Supernatural" kicks off on Friday, September 24th, with new showrunner Sera Gamble taking over from series creator Eric Kripke. While The CW seems to be currently putting most of its promotional muscle behind "The Vampire Diaries" and the reboot of "Nikita", they have thrown fans of the Winchester brothers a bone with a brief summer season promo trailer.

Supernatural: Sera Gamble Talks Season Six; Comic-Con Interview Footage

Not a lot of genre-related info came out of the recent Television Critics Association's summer press tour, but new "Supernatural" showrunner Sera Gamble did drop a few choice tidbits about the series' upcoming sixth season that weren't discussed at Comic-Con. And speaking of Comic-Con (in what's hopefully one of the last times we'll mention the event), The CW has provided us with pretty cool video they compiled on "Supernatural" day.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Supernatural Panel: How Do You Top the End of the World?

It's become a Dread Central tradition to close out our Comic-Con work week with the "Supernatural" panel. Few sessions are as funny, informative, and entertaining year after year. And 2010 was no exception. All the tidbits and mini-spoilers Kripke and crew revealed can be found here, along with a description of the clip that was shown from Episode 4 of the upcoming Season 6, "Weekend at Bobby's", directed by Jensen Ackles.

A Peek into the New Seasons of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

The CW Network may have decided to split up "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural" by running them on separate nights starting this fall, but to us they'll always go together like ... well ... vamps and slayers. So it seemed fitting to combine the two tidbits of news we got about the shows' upcoming seasons.

Supernatural to See the Return of Mitch Pileggi?

A lot of fans felt that Season Five of "Supernatural" ended on such a perfect note that had the series itself ended as well, they would have been satisfied. Nonetheless, they have a Season Six to look forward to, and we have some potential casting news to help make the wait a bit more tolerable.

A Photographic Look at Supernatural's Swan Song and One More Webclip

The title would have been much more poignant and poetic had this season's finale of Supernatural indeed been the series' "Swan Song", but we're certainly not complaining that The CW decided to renew it for at least one more year. And we're extremely happy to provide a big batch of photos from the episode for your viewing pleasure.

We Finally Made It! A Sneak Peek at the Supernatural Season Finale!

Even though heartbreak surely awaits, we're anxiously looking forward to next week's finale of the beyond stellar Season Five of Supernatural entitled "Swan Song", and to help get everyone ready, The CW has provided a webclip along with the episode's trailer.

Two More Clips from Supernatural Ep. 21 - Two Minutes to Midnight

A couple more sneak peeks from "Two Minutes to Midnight", the upcoming penultimate episode of Season 5 of Supernatural, have snuck online, and of course we have them here for your viewing pleasure.

A Sneak Peek at Supernatural Ep. 21 - Two Minutes to Midnight

Ask Dread Central readers what their favorite horror-themed TV show has been this season, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't say Supernatural. As we wind down to the final two episodes of the Winchester brothers' battle to stop the Apocalypse, we present a sneak peek at Episode 21, "Two Minutes to Midnight", which airs this coming Thursday, May 6th.

Second Webclip for Supernatural Ep. 20: The Devil You Know

A second sneak peek at this week's Supernatural episode has hit online, and of course we've got it for you here. Just beware that if you're not caught up on this season, spoilers abound in the synopsis for "The Devil You Know".

Supernatural Season 5 Ep. 20 Photos - The Devil You Know

If you're not caught up on Supernatural on The CW, you may just want to skip this story. Both the photos and the synopsis for its upcoming Episode 20 of Season Five give away quite a bit.

Supernatural Ep. 20: The Winchesters Face The Devil You Know

Coming off the game changing Ep. 19 that aired last night, the Winchester brothers have only two episodes left before the Season Five finale -- and hopefully the end of the Apocalypse -- so you know what that means. Time to face "The Devil You Know"! In addition, we have a peek at what's in store for the end of the season in a teaser entitled "O Death".

Supernatural Ep. 19 Releases the Hammer of the Gods

Think the Apocalypse that Season Five of Supernatural has been dealing with is just between the Judeo-Christian version of angels and demons? Think again, as this week Hindu, Buddhist, and Norse dieties join the Winchesters to do battle.

Supernatural Season 5 Ep. 19 Photos and Ep. 20 Synopsis

Back in early March we learned that Matt Frewer would be guest starring on The CW's Supernatural as the third of the Four Horsemen to appear during Season Five: Pestilence, and now we know which episode we'll be seeing him in.