Jillian Kinsman

Watch the New Brainjacked Infomercial

It's been a while since we heard from Andrew Allen and Andy Lalino of Film Ranch International, the filmmakers behind indie project Brainjacked, but to help promote the film's DVD release earlier this week, they've come up with the world's most horrifying infomercial. Check it out!

Massive Brainjacked Update!

We recently heard from our buddies Andy and Andrew of The Film Ranch, and they let us know that their most recenty feature, Brainjacked (set visit), is deep in post-production. What does that mean? Updates and hopefully videos will be popping up more frequently.

Set Visit: We Got Brainjacked!

This past weekend our Film Ranch International friends, Andrew Allan and Andy Lalino, invited us out to a location where they were filming their newest venture, Brainjacked!