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More on What's Ahead in American Horror Story Chapter 3

Chapter 2 of "American Horror Story," known as "Asylum," came to a hugely satisfying ending last night, and already fans are looking ahead to Chapter 3. Ryan Murphy spoke with EW and shed a bit more light on things.

Taissa Farmiga Returns for the Next Season of American Horror Story

Tonight is the final episode of the stellar "American Horror Story: Asylum," and we cannot wait to see what lunacy the powers-that-be will be cooking up for Season Three. Speaking of which, a familiar face from Season One is set to return for more terror!

American Horror Story Season Three - Plot Details Revealed

With the finale of "American Horror Story Asylum" rapidly approaching, creator Ryan Murphy recently lifted the veil a bit pertaining to what we can expect from the next season of this ghoulish sliver of grand grue.

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 13 - Madness Ends

It's all been leading to this - finally in Episode 13 of "American Horror Story: Asylum" (the Chapter 2 finale), the "Madness Ends"! Check out a preview of the episode and let us know what you think about this season as a whole.

Go Inside Episode 10 of American Horror Story: Asylum and Play The Name Game Once More

We already had a chance to relive Sister Jude's very special rendition of "The Name Game" from Episode 10 of "American Horror Story: Asylum," and now it's time to go "Inside the Asylum" with a deeper look at the latest evil lurking behind the walls of Briarcliff Manor.

Sing Along with the Cast of American Horror Story: Asylum Performing The Name Game

Last night's episode of "American Horror Story: Asylum" was one of the most intense yet, but it also had some levity - like this musical interlude featuring Jessica Lange performing "The Name Game." Check out the video here, and exorcise your demons with a little music therapy.

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 11 - Spilt Milk

Finally "American Horror Story: Asylum" is back in the swing of things, and on tap right now for you cats is a preview of next week's Episode 11, "Spilt Milk." Check out all the ghoulish goodies to come right now. Dig it!

2013 Golden Globe Nominations Once Again Light on Horror

The nominees for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards have been announced, and while there's a lot of new blood this year, especially on the TV side, genre fans will be hard pressed to find any surprises... or much to be excited about. Read on for the very sparse horror highlights.

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 10 - The Name Game

"American Horror Story: Asylum" is on break until January 2nd, when it returns with Episode 10, "The Name Game." With just four installments remaining, we can't wait to see how Ryan Murphy and Co. wrap up the wild ride they've taken us on in Chapter 2. Check out this preview for clues.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Light on Horror Nominees

Despite record high ratings and universal acclaim, one area in which "The Walking Dead" can't catch a break is recognition for its acting. The nominees have been announced for the 19th Screen Actors Guild Awards, and "TWD" does show up, but not where we might have hoped.

Another American Horror Story: Asylum Recap; Go Inside the Asylum for Episode 8 - Unholy Night

After this week's episode of "American Horror Story: Asylum," we may never look at Christmas the same again! Time to go "Inside The Asylum" once more for a closer look at Episode 8, "Unholy Night."

American Horror Story Season Three - Jessica Lange Not Official Yet

If there's any one reason to tune in to "American Horror Story," it's without question Jessica Lange's incredible performance. There's no doubt she's come a long way since sitting in Kong's paw back in the Seventies. So is she down for a third season of madness and mayhem?

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 9 - The Coat Hanger; Photo of the New Bloody Face

From this preview of next week's "American Horror Story: Asylum," it appears the tables are turning on several of the major characters in Episode 9, "The Coat Hanger." And is that the returning Dylan McDermott we see?

Go Inside the Asylum for a Recap of American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 7: Dark Cousin

After a somewhat shaky start, we are now 100% on board with "American Horror Story: Asylum" and are devouring every bit of info we can, including this new "Inside the Asylum" video that recaps Episode 7, "Dark Cousin."

Promo Photos from American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 8 - Unholy Night

Ready to ring in the holidays with tomorrow night's Episode 8 of "American Horror Story: Asylum," entitled "Unholy Night," featuring Ian McShane as a crazy Santa? We sure are, especially after seeing these promo photos for the ep. Check 'em out!