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The Witches of American Horror Story: Coven Put Their Best Foot Forward in New Promo

Another promo video from "American Horror Story: Coven" has arrived, and it really takes the bull by its horns by giving us our first look at some of the show's most evil ladies! Check it out!

Danny Huston Gets Sexy and Dangerous in American Horror Story: Coven

Well, we knew that Jessica Lange's character in "American Horror Story: Coven" would be getting herself a man, but up until now we didn't know who would be falling under her spell. Ryan Murphy just tweeted that it will be none other than 30 Days of Night vamp Danny Huston!

American Horror Story: Coven - Two New Bits of Artwork; Producer Tim Minear Talks Series Tone

IGN scored two new bits of artwork for the upcoming FX series "American Horror Story: Coven" along with an interview with producer Tim Minear, and we've got the eye candy and some highlights for you right here. Dig it!

Secrets Awaken in the Latest American Horror Story: Coven Promo

What secrets do we keep that you thought were asleep? That's the question posed by this latest teaser promo for "American Horror Story: Coven," entitled "Coffin." Nothing stays buried for long!

Newcomer Alexander Dreymon Joins the Witches in American Horror Story: The Coven

The upcoming third season of "American Horror Story" is all about witches, and a fresh new face has just been added to the "Coven" cast. Alexander Dreymon will be playing a handsome young man who moves in next door to the Academy.

First Official American Horror Story: Coven Artwork Rides the Snake

The first bit of artwork for "American Horror Story: Coven" has arrived, and it's sexy, disgusting, and seductive all at the same time. In other words... Holy cow, do we like it! Check it out now!

New American Horror Story: Coven Casting News - Funnyman Leslie Jordan Joins the Fold

Some quick casting news has come in for "American Horror Story: Coven," as THR is reporting that Leslie Jordan (Jason Goes to Hell) has joined the project for an undisclosed role. Oh, how mysterious!

At Last! Plot Details Surface for American Horror Story: Coven

Fox has finally released the plot details for "American Horror Story: Coven," and of course we have the skinny on it right here for you. Get ready, kids; this one looks as if it's gonna be casting quite a spell.

Stakes Aren't the Only Things Being Raised in This New Promo for American Horror Story: Coven

A fourth promo video has arrived for "American Horror Story: Coven," and of course it's as odd as the others we've already seen. This October the stakes aren't the only things being raised!

Third American Horror Story: Coven Promo Floats In

Just when we thought the promos for "American Horror Story: Coven" couldn't get any weirder, the third one, entitled "Staircase," has arrived with the tagline: Misbehave and incur our kind of suspension!

Christine Ebersole Joins American Horror Story: Coven as a "Good Witch"

Deadline just spoke with "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy about the show's multiple Emmy nominations, and out of their chat came some casting news for "Coven" and more, including the possibility of a season about the Manson case. Check it out!

New Promo Celebrates American Horror Story: Asylum's 17 Emmy Nominations

"American Horror Story: Asylum" is the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards' most recognized program of the year with 17 total nominations, and FX has been running a new promo for the show celebrating that fact. Check it out here!

New American Horror Story: Coven Promo Video Keeps You on Pins and Needles

Pinning things on the Internet has become all the rage, but as you'll see from the latest promo video for "American Horror Story: Coven," the practice wasn't always very social. Check it out!

First American Horror Story: Coven Promo Sends You to Detention

Alrighty, kids! The wait is over! On tap right now is the first official promo video for FX's upcoming series event "American Horror Story: Coven." Check out the very first 18 seconds of spooky right here right now!

Premiere Date for American Horror Story: Coven Set; First Three Episodes Titled

Wanna know when you'll be able to start chillin' with the witchy women of "American Horror Story: Coven?" Well then, read on as we have the start date as well as the titles of the first few episodes. Dig it!