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Teaser Preview and Clip from Supernatural Episode 16 - And Then There Were None

We've got one episode left before "Supernatural" goes on a brief hiatus, and it's ominously entitled "And Then There Were None". Check out a clip and a quick teaser preview for it, and note that with regard to the static you'll see: "It's not your TV... it's not your hearing... it's all in your head."

Stills from Supernatural Episodes 15 - The French Mistake and 16 - And Then There Were None

We should celebrate our dead Presidents more often it seems! Just in time for the long President's Day weekend, The CW sent over an assortment of stills from the upcoming "Supernatural" episode "The French Mistake", wherein the Winchesters break the fourth wall, along with "And Then There Were None", in which Samuel and Bobby finally square off. Dig 'em!

More Mitch Pileggi in Supernatural Episode 16 - And Then There Were None

With its rather ominous title of "And Then There Were None", Episode 16 of "Supernatural" promises a meeting fans have undoubtedly been waiting for: Grandpa Samuel squaring off against the Winchester boys' surrogate father Bobby. Should be interesting as although everyone loves Jim Beaver, more Mitch Pileggi on the show is always a good thing!