Jersey Shore Shark Attack

Celebrate Shark Week with the Best Movie Shark Attacks!

Sharks. They're nature's true monsters. The stuff of nightmares. There's just no reasoning with them. If they decide to attack or eat you, they will. You really don't have much say about the matter. In honor of these ferocious beasts a video has made its way online of the best shark attacks in movies.

Which Vinny Will You Find in New Jersey Shore Shark Attack Clips?

You know the premise of this is so ridiculously absurd we're pretty jazzed to see it! Feast your eyes on the majestic stupidity of these latest clips from Jersey Shore Shark Attack then stare in the mirror and realize just how out of shape you actually are.

Official DVD / Blu-ray Trailer for Jersey Shore Shark Attack Swims on In!

So you missed the majesty that was Jersey Shore Shark Attack when it aired on Syfy? No worries; the flick will be on DVD and Blu-ray before you know it, and to celebrate its arrival, we have the home video trailer and a ticket to go and punch The Situation in his abs!

Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012)

Starring Jeremy Luc, Melissa Molinaro, Jack Scalia, William Atherton, Tony Sirico, Paul Sorvino, Vinny Guadagnino, Joey Fatone

Jersey Shore Shark Attack Takes a Bite out of Home Video

In case you missed the majesty that was Jersey Shore Shark Attack when it aired on Syfy over the weekend, don't worry. The flick will be in your hair gel-covered hands before you know it! Grab your remotes and grease up your abs!

A Sneak Peek of Syfy's Jersey Shore Shark Attack

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, we're sure lots of folks of thinking of one thing: the beach! So what better way to kick it off than by watching a sneak peek of Jersey Shore Shark Attack, which is premiering Saturday, June 9th, on Syfy?!?

What is the Situation? It’s the Trailer for Syfy’s Jersey Shore Shark Attack

Okay, all you guidos and guidettes, you better be stocking up on bottles of spray tan, Valtrex, and shark repellent because there’s an albino shark in the mood for Italian cuisine. Forget smooshing; there’s a whole lot of chewing going on in this trailer for Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack Chumming the Waters

Hey yo, so these friggin' sharks, right? They come swimmin' intah our wahtas like they own the place. They dunno who they're messin' whit, ya know. Tha's aight, though ... we got somethin' for them fishy mamalukes!

First Cast Image From Jersey Shore Shark Attack

You know how sometimes you can just look at a person and want nothing more than to punch them in the face? Yeah, we feel like that right about now. Times seven to be exact.

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Earlier today Creepy revealed three new reality series that Syfy has planned, and now we have a look at nine films that will be heading our way as part of the network's Saturday Original Movies. Somewhere The Foywonder is sobbing uncontrollably but has no idea why.