Jerry O'Connell

Exclusive Piranha 3D Cast and Crew Video Interviews: Alexandre Aja, Steven R. McQueen, Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell and More!

This Friday Piranha 3D will be unleashed onto the summer movie audience, and it looks to send out the season on one hell of a big boob-laden, bloody bang. Recently we sat down for some exclusive interviews with the cast and crew to prime you guys for the mayhem to come! Dig it!

Piranha 3D - New Clips! New TV Spot! New Controversy!

Ah, Piranha 3D! The closer you get, the warmer my heart becomes! Not only do we have three new clips to get you geared up for Friday along with a new TV spot, but we also have a bit of controversy to report on! Oh, happy day!

Piranha 3D Makes Bid for Oscar!

The early word is in! Piranha 3D is said to kick a tremendous amount of ass. Look for our review soon. Know what else kicks ass? The marketing for this flick. Ladies and gentleman ... for your consideration ...

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Piranha Footage Report - Bloody Insanity!

We've all heard the stories by now regarding the footage from Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D that was yanked from the big dance known as San Diego Comic-Con because it was too graphic. Well, that didn't stop the footage from being shown elsewhere, and we got the details.

Jerry O'Connell and His Wild Wild Girls Do Their Part for New Orleans in New Piranha Viral

The third in a series of viral videos showing off Jerry O'Connell's character and his faux show "Wild Wild Girls" has hit online, and though it's not as breasty as the first not safe for work viral video, it's not as flaccid as the second one either.

New Piranha Viral Video Features Jerry O'Connell Touting The Many Uses of Wild Wild Girls

About a month ago we brought you a not safe for work viral video starring Jerry O'Connell and a throng of topless women. Today Part Two of said video has reared its head, but sadly it's nowhere near as titillating.

New Piranha 3D NSFW Viral Video Makes Good on Half Its Promise -- Lots of Boobs

For a while now we've been hearing nothing but the promise of lots of "boobs and blood" coming out of Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D camp. Well ... in this latest NOT SAFE FOR WORK viral video featuring star Jerry O'Connell and lots and lots of naked heaving breasts, you can consider half of that promise totally fulfilled.

Jerry O'Connell Goes Wild on the Set of Piranha

Every single picture we've seen from the set of Aja's Piranha remake has made the shoot look like nothing less than an absolute blast to participate in. It's obvious that co-star, and Foy's favorite actor, Jerry O'Connell had more than just his spirits lifted in this latest behind-the-scenes video, which features lots and lots of scantily clad women! Break out the lotion and give it a look!

Piranhas Eat Jerry O'Connell! World Celebrates!

I always get this frat boy poseur vibe from Jerry O'Connell that makes me hate him so much. Completely irrational hatred; yet the hate feels so real. O'Connell has now joined the cast of the Piranha 3D and that means there's a good chance he will be eaten alive, which also means I might pay to see the film 100 times.