Jeremy Selenfriend

Mold! Spores an Icky Teaser Trailer

If you like your horror movies gooey, gory, and gross, then Neil Meschino's slimy Eighties throwback Mold! might be what you're looking for. The first trailer gives us a taste of the ickiness to come when mutant mold infects a military installation.

Mold! The Movie About Killer Mold!

Killer mold! Ever since I saw that blasted Dungeons & Dragons movie and came away profoundly disappointed by the lack of the inclusion of the creeping crud, I've been jonesing to see people get killed by killer mold. Now I'll get my wish. The title of this film? Mold!

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Pieces!

FX man Jeremy Selenfriend informed Fangoria about a very touchy project that he's set to work on, if the project gets financing. Why would money be such a problem? Well, how many people want to lay down bucks on a film called Prince of Pieces that stars Jesus Christ as he kills people in various biblical ways?