Jeremy Saulnier

Blue Ruin Gets Revenge on Home Video

Jeremy Saulnier's indie flick Blue Ruin is getting set to make its DVD and Blu-ray debut, and we have everything you need to prep yourself for this insanely bloody revenge tale right here. Read on, Dreadies!

White Power Skinheads Go on a Violent Rampage in the Green Room

White power skinheads. They're known to be particularly nasty and they're also the subject of the next film from director Jeremy Saulnier (Murder Party, Blue Ruin). Some quick news out of Cannes reveals the first word regarding his latest feature Green Room.

TIFF 2013: First Blue Ruin Clip Arrives

Playing as part of TIFF 2013's Vanguard programme is Jeremy Saulnier's indie flick Blue Ruin, and we have the very first festival clip for you right here, right now! Check it out!

Murder Party (2007)

Starring Chris Sharp, Paul Goldblatt, William Lacey, Skei Saulnier Directed by Jeremy Saulnier