Jeremy Carver

#SDCC14: Supernatural Panel Highlights Include Demon Dean Details and Lots More!

While a freak thunderstorm blew through San Diego (Chuck? God? Was that you?), "Supernatural" fans were treated to another rousing SDCC panel thanks to stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard and showrunner Jeremy Carver.

Jeremy Carver Teases What's Ahead in Supernatural's Mid-Season Return and Beyond

Ready for this year to be over already so we can continue on a "Road Trip" with the Winchesters in "Supernatural" Episode 9.10? While we wait for the show's January 14th return, here are a few clues of what's ahead straight from exec producer Jeremy Carver. Just beware of spoilers!

#SDCC 2013: Jared Padalecki, Robert Singer, and Jeremy Carver Talk Supernatural Season 9

The SDCC press room for "Supernatural" was packed to the gills as usual so we didn't get to speak with everyone, but what we did come back with is juicy as hell for fans of the show. Read on for all our Season 9 scoops, including a wacky sounding Wizard of Oz tie-in!

Get a Sneak Peek of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

The Winchesters offer to show Crowley theirs if he'll show them his in this clip from the Season 8 finale, Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice." What exactly are they all "showing"? Not their dangly bits, that's for sure! Watch it and find out!

Image Gallery for Supernatural Season Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

With the fate of both Heaven and Hell hanging in the balance, we're looking for any info we can get on the Season 8 finale of "Supernatural," entitled "Sacrifice." Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Check out these stills for clues!

Make the Ultimate "Sacrifice" and Watch a Preview of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale

Hard to believe, but it's already time for the "Supernatural" Season 8 finale, and we have a preview of Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice," to share. Will Sam be successful in the Third Trial? Only time will tell!

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.04 - Bitten

"Supernatural" Season 8 is off and running, and while the rift between Sam and Dean feels a bit familiar, everything else is so far, so good; and we are digging the flashback approach to what happened in the past year. Ready to check out Episode 8.04, "Bitten," which tackles found footage?

Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Reminder; Synopsis for Episode 8.04 - Bitten

In case "Supernatural" Season 8's October 3rd premiere date snuck up on you, that's TONIGHT, and we have some promo artwork for the show's return to share along with the official synopsis of Episode 8.04, "Bitten," which is a found-footage style ep.

The First Clip Arrives for Supernatural Episode 8.01 - We Need to Talk About Kevin

After a year apart, Sam and Dean reunite in the Season 8 premiere of "Supernatural," titled "We Need to Talk About Kevin"; and the first clip from the episode has arrived. Look for the return of "Supernatural" to The CW on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Check Out Our Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.01 - We Need to Talk About Kevin

Seeing that the Season 8 premiere of "Supernatural" was written by the returning Jeremy Carver made us very happy. Want to be happy, too? Check out our image gallery for the episode, entitled "We Need to Talk About Kevin."

Official Synopsis for Supernatural Episode 8.01 - We Need to Talk About Kevin

We'll soon find out if "Supernatural" is suited to Wednesday nights as the Season 8 premiere, "We Need to Talk About Kevin," airs in just a few short weeks on October 3rd. Here's the episode's official synopsis.

The Full-Length Supernatural Season 8 Promo Video Has Arrived!

Last night we got a look at the teaser promo for "Supernatural" Season 8, and now the full-length version has arrived. Check it out right here!

Get Blown Away by the First Teaser Promo for Supernatural Season 8

With Jeremy Carver back with the crew of "Supernatural," we're more than a little excited for Season 8's October 3rd premiere. You probably will be, too, once you watch this first teaser promo released by The CW.

Casting News for Supernatural Episode 8.04 - Bitten

"Supernatural" returns to The CW with Season 8 on Wednesday, October 3rd, and while we don't have a lot of additional info yet on the new season (read our report from Comic-Con here), we do have some casting news for the third episode, which is entitled "Bitten".

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Supernatural Interviews Shed Some Light on Season 8

Now that the "Supernatural" panel has moved to Comic-Con's Hall H, it's much harder to get inside. But we didn't have to wait in line for the goods on Season 8 - we were able to sit down and chat with the cast and crew of the show and have the answers you seek right here.