Jennifer De Lucia

If a Tree Falls Will It Score a Release Date? You Bet It Will!

After lots and lots of talk the folks behind the new indie horror flick If a Tree Falls have finally hammered out the Canadian release details, and we have them all for you right here! Dig it! From the Press Release The Philip Carrer-directed feature If A Tree Falls is set to be released nationwide on May 31, 2011.

If a Tree Falls Will You Hear the Screams of the Murdered?

In the new indie horror flick If a Tree Falls, more kids get in a car for a scenic trip through the countryside and make it to their destination, happy and unscathed. Of course I'm bullshitting. That would be a completely awful movie, no? From the Press Release

If a Tree Falls (2010)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Starring Ryan Barrett, Jennifer De Lucia, Daniel Zuccala, Breanne TeBoekhorst Directed by Philip Carrer