Jenni Farley

Jersey Shore Massacre (2014)

Starring: Danielle Dallacco, Angelica Boccella, Giovanni Roselli Directed by Paul Tarnapol

Badabing! Over a Dozen Images Swim in for the Jersey Shore Massacre

On tap right now is a slew of new eye candy for the latest comedic slasher flick to come our way, Jersey Shore Massacre. Some of the images are a bit spoilery, but something tells us you're not gonna care either way! Badaboom!

First Jersey Shore Massacre Artwork Promises a Deadly Situation

The first artwork for Jersey Shore Massacre has arrived, and we have it for you here. Sure, it probably would have fared better a couple of years ago, but as long as people die in vile ways, we'll give it a watch. Better late than never, right? Check it out if only for the look on the guy on the left's face!

JWOWW Gearing Up for a Jersey Shore Massacre

Ever flip through the channels, come across an episode of "The Jersey Shore," and say to yourself, "Man, how I wish some lunatic would show up and just decimate all of these people"? Yep, we're right there with ya, and hopefully our wish is about to come true.