Jen Soska

New American Mary Artwork Ready to Operate

Though it's just slightly different from the festival sales art, the lovely and wonderfully batshit nuts duo of the Soska sisters have released yet another sliver of eye candy for their new film, American Mary. Dig it!

New Sales Art for the Soska Sisters' American Mary

The Soska sisters. Katharine Isabelle. American Mary - do you really need any more incentive to get excited about this flick? Well then, how about some new sales art? Yep, that might just get your ghost. Read on for the goodies.

First Screenshot Released from the Soska Sisters' American Mary

After she made a name for herself in 2000's Ginger Snaps, we've been waiting for Katharine Isabelle to land a role that she can really sink her teeth into. Will American Mary be it? Until we find out for sure, here's the first screenshot from the film featuring her in character as Mary Mason.

American Mary - Full Cast Announced

Yes, it's Sunday. Grey skies cover most of the country. People are working hard on their Thanksgiving menus, and us? Well, we're sitting here sniffing around for some new horror news. That being said ... the full cast has been announced for the Soska sisters' latest flick, American Mary.

New Trailer for IFC's Release of Dead Hooker in a Trunk

More details have leaked out regarding IFC Midnight's DVD release of Jen and Sylvia Soska's Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and along with a list of the disc's special features, we have a new trailer to share!

Dead Hooker in a Trunk Escapes to Theaters and Video-On-Demand August 3rd

We like titles that really let us know what's going on. Don't give us Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What the hell is that? On August 3rd IFC Midnight presents us with an illustrative title we can really get behind. Say hello to Dead Hooker in a Trunk.

Leah Gibson Joins Cast of American Mary

Through the wonder of Twitter we learned today of some pretty cool casting news for the Soska sisters' latest flick, American Mary. The lovely Leah Gibson (Watchmen, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) will be joining Katharine Isabelle (Mary Mason) and Paula Lindberg (Ruby RealGirl) as a character named Beatress Johnson.

American Mary Nabs a New One-Sheet

The horror genre's favorite twisted twins, the Soska sisters (Dead Hooker in a Trunk), are back with a brand new bit of eye candy in promotion of their latest flick, American Mary, and we have every lovely pixel of it right here for your perusal. Synopsis:

Exclusive: Sylvia Soska Talks American Mary - First Look at Katharine Isabelle

Dread recently caught up with filmmaker Sylvia Soska, who along with sister Jen is set to direct (from their own script) the horror feature American Mary (we first reported on the project here), to discuss the film and give us the lowdown on their approach to the flick’s effects and more.

Dead Hooker in a Trunk Gets a May DVD Release Date in the UK

Good news for our friends across the pond: The Soska sisters' Dead Hooker in a Trunk (review here) has landed a DVD release date in the UK of May 23rd! Here's the message Sylvia and Jen Soska recently released: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Teaser Trailer and Poster Debut for the Soska Sisters' American Mary

The Soska sisters of Dead Hooker in a Trunk fame are back with their sophomore feature in the works, entitled American Mary. Up until now details have been scarce, but they just revealed some new poster art, the flick's storyline, and a teaser trailer that have definitely piqued our interest. Synopsis:

Soska Sisters Prepping American Mary Trailer for December 11th Launch

Twisted twins Jen and Sylvia Soska, the masterminds behind Dead Hooker in a Trunk, are back at it with American Mary, a film they're keeping quite close-lipped about other than promising its trailer will debut on December 11th.

Twisted Twins Invite You to Bleed for Women in Horror

In case you were unaware, February is "Women in Horror Month", and in honor of the occasion Twisted Twins Productions (aka Jen and Sylvia Soska) have provided us with a Public Service Announcement for their massive blood drive event in support of this first (hopefully) annual celebration.