Jekyll and Hyde

Eddie Izzard Attached to New Jekyll and Hyde TV Project

Hands down the best thing about NBC's failed "Mockingbird Lane" was Eddie Izzard so we're pretty stoked to see him pop up in next week's episode of "Hannibal" and also to hear he's attached to a new take on "Jekyll and Hyde."

Jekyll & Hyde May Be Coming To A Small Screen Near You

Abel Ferrara might not have had any luck getting his crazy version of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde off the ground, but it seems like ABC is hellbent on bringing what sounds like a metrosexual fantasy to life on a weekly basis. Read on for the horror-less details.

Ferrara Won't Be Abel to Make Jekyll and Hyde

Even if this modern adaptation of the classic horror tale Jekyll & Hyde turned out bad it still probably would have made for a fascinating train wreck. Original Bad Lieutenant filmmaker Abel Ferrara directing Oscar winner Forest Whitaker as a present day Dr. Jekyll transforming into an urban version of Mr. Hyde played by rapper 50 Cent; to deny the world this film is a crime.

Jekyll and Hyde Coming from Action Jackson Films

Those of you who’ve listened to the Driller Killer commentary track already know that director Abel Ferrara is completely out of his mind. But in case you aren’t so sure, I call your attention to this story, wherein we told you about a Ferrara-helmed reimagining of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent as the deranged duo.

Poster and Synopsis for Abel Ferrara's Jekyll and Hyde

A few years ago Forest Whitaker won a Best Actor Oscar for his spellbinding performance as dictatorial mass murderer Idi Amin. Now he's starring opposite 50 Cent in the latest re-telling of Jekyll and Hyde. I'd roll my eyes, but the director is Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, Driller Killer, Ms. 45), someone who can be a cinematic Jekyll and Hyde in his own right.

50 Cent Teams with Abel Ferrara for Jekyll and Hyde

Attention those of you who balked at Keanu Reeves starring in a new Jekyll and Hyde film -- Hold on to your collective asses! Director Abel Ferrara is making his return to horror with a new telling of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale starring Forest Whitaker and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. We can hear your stunned silence from here.