Jeffrey Kurland

Go Behind the Scenes of Beautiful Creatures

Though we're a little late with our review (expect that soon via the Foywonder), we do have some behind-the-scenes clips on tap for Warner Brothers' latest flick Beautiful Creatures, which unfortunately got trounced at the box office this past Valentine's Day.

This Valentine's Day Experience the Forbidden Love of Beautiful Creatures

With Beautiful Creatures looking to cast a spell over your Valentine's Day weekend, we have a quick featurette on tap for you which explores some forbidden love. We love love. Especially the forbidden type.

Put Your Fate into the Hands of this Seventh TV Spot for Beautiful Creatures

Just a week remains until the Valentine's Day premiere of Beautiful Creatures from Warner Bros., and one more TV spot has landed online. Will you put your fate into its hands?

CONTEST CLOSED! A Beautiful Creatures Contest to Die For!

With Beautiful Creatures heading to theatres this Valentine's Day, we have a chance for you to win everything that you could possibly need to prepare for the occasion. This contest is massive with tons of prizes. Check it out!

I'm Sorry - Here's Clip 6 from Beautiful Creatures

Yep, here's another clip from the upcoming Beautiful Creatures, this one entitled "I'm Sorry." Hopefully you won't be sorry should you elect to take your sweetheart to see the film this Valentine's Day!

Weather the Storm with this Sixth TV Spot for Beautiful Creatures

With its whirling wind, lightning, and thunder, this new TV spot for Beautiful Creatures crams as many dangerous weather conditions as it can into 30 seconds! Check it out, and let us know if you plan to see the film this coming Valentine's Day.

Can't Stop the Rain in this Latest Clip from Beautiful Creatures

A fifth clip has arrived for Beautiful Creatures, entitled "Lena Rains on Ethan." At this rate, we're going to see the whole thing before the film premieres on Valentine's Day! If you just can't wait that long, check it out right here.

Let's Get Out of Here with the Fourth Clip from Beautiful Creatures

Actually, we'd rather you not get out of here - instead stick around and watch this latest clip from Richard LaGravenese's upcoming Beautiful Creatures, which is shaping up to be the most unintentionally funny horror film of the year!

Third Time's the Charm for Beautiful Creatures in this Latest Clip

Just hours after releasing clip number two, a third sliver of tasty eye candy has made its way online from Warner Bros.' upcoming Beautiful Creatures. Check it out right here, and start making your Valentine's Day plans!

Get Lucky with this Second Clip from Beautiful Creatures

The beautiful Emmy Rossum is featured in this latest clip from Warner Bros.' upcoming Beautiful Creatures. Are you feeling lucky? Then check it out, and be sure to see the movie with your sweetheart this coming Valentine's Day!

Try to Figure Out the First Clip from Beautiful Creatures

The first clip from Warner Bros.' Beautiful Creatures has arrived, entitled "I'm Just Trying to Figure This Out"; and it's a nice, quiet change of pace from the rather over-the-top TV spots we've been seeing for the film as of late.

Beautiful Creatures Shows Off its Pedigree and Brings Three New TV Spots

Beautiful Creatures looks to be an unintentionally cheesy mile-a-minute laugh riot, and we cannot wait to behold all of its ridiculous glory. On tap right now are a new featurette and three more TV spots. Dig it!

Spend Valentine's Day with Some Beautiful Creatures

Warner Brothers has moved the release date of Beautiful Creatures from February 13th to Valentine's Day proper, February 14th. To cement this move, we have the new one-sheet and updated trailers for you! Dig it!

An Extended TV Spot for Beautiful Creatures

In case you're still on the fence with regard to Beautiful Creatures, which opens on February 13th, we have an extended TV spot for the film to share. We're thinking it could make a perfect Valentine's Day date.