Jay Duplass

These Aren't the Griswolds... Dig the Manson Family Vacation

Jay Duplass, Linas Phillips, and J. Davis are combing forces to create a very unique new film, Manson Family Vacation, which follows two brothers, one devoted to his family and the other obsessed with the Manson family. Sounds kooky, right?!

Sundance 2013: Blumhouse Shaves Peachfuzz at Festival

Blumhouse Productions is quickly become a supernatural force to be reckoned with, and we love them for it. Here's a company run by people who make no bones about their love for horror movies, and at this year's Sundance Film Festival they've scooped up another!

The Duplass Brothers Brandish a Pitchfork

Though many revere the directing duo of Mark and Jay Duplass for their well-received black comedy Cyrus from last summer, we dig them for Baghead, the little quasi-horror flick that put them on the map. Now the brothers are returning to our genre for a little revenge.

Baghead Hits DVD December 30th

This December 30th one of the more bizarre titles flirting with our genre, Mark & Jay Duplass’ Baghead (review), will finally be coming to DVD thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. If you’ve not heard much about the title, I’m not surprised; I’ve been trying to figure out if it belongs on Dread since it started its festival run.

Baghead (DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Ross Partridge, Steve Zissis, Greta Gerwig, Elise Muller Written & Directed by Jay & Mark Duplass