Worst News of the Week: Universal Orlando Closing Jaws Ride

Words alone cannot express how deeply saddened and infuriated we are right now. News has come forth out of Florida that Universal Orlando is closing its classic Jaws: The Ride to make way for a new attraction.

Jaws Getting Set to Take a Bite out of Blu-ray

Here it is, folks. The news that will be having our very own Buz Wallick masturbating until the product is in his hands ... word has come directly from Steven Spielberg regarding one of his classics hitting Blu-ray high definition. During an interview with AICN, Spielberg dropped the following news on chum-hungry fans ...

Pre-Order and Book Launch/Signing Info on JAWS: Memories from Martha's Vineyard

The new book JAWS: Memories from Martha's Vineyard promises to provide an unprecedented all-access pass to the creation of some of the most memorable and terrifying scenes in motion picture history. Movie buffs, special effects enthusiasts, and fans of the watershed film should all thrill in this definitive volume’s special features.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Must Love Jaws

With the announcement of Dinoshark hitting DVD from Anchor Bay, we've had Jaws on the brain today. To help keep this classic flick on your minds too, we're happy to provide you with this week's unique spin on the story of man vs. fish.

Editorial: Zero Sympathy for the Devils: Characters I’m Glad Got Their Asses Kicked

As I’m oddly fond of sequels that don’t have much to do with the original film, here’s a disconnected sequel to this article. Oh, and I’d like to make it clear that characters from Last House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave naturally belong on both lists, but I didn’t feel like getting into the rape-revenge subgenre.

The Original Jaws to Return in 3D?

If the Clash of the Titans remake did anything at all, it proved that 3D conversions ultimately do not work. Just because you can layer in some added depth to the onscreen image does not a 3D film make. Still, that's not stopping Hollyweird from taking a few chances.

Universal Thinking 3D Jaws Remake

No matter how much we wanted to deny it, we knew this day would eventually come. Scary rumblings out of Universal today tell of a possible 3D Jaws remake. We're gonna need a bigger barrel. To vomit in.

The Single Most Badass JAWS Collectible - Ever

Few times do we find ourselves speechless here at Dread Central. This is one of those times. Hold on to your asses, JAWS fanatics. Something incredibly fucking wicked is headed our way!

It Came From the Internet Returns!

Wow, it’s been a long, long time since this sucker reared its ugly head our way. Finally we’ve found the time and clips that are worthy of your attention, so we’ve resurrected It Came From the Internet and now present you with the following bits of randomness from across the interwebs!