Jason Voorhees

Editorial: Could the New Friday the 13th Successfully Function as a Found Footage Flick?

Most fans of the Friday the 13th franchise have been contemplating recent rumors of a found footage approach for the forthcoming series re-reboot. And it’s probably safe to assume that most (at least diehards) fans weren’t overjoyed with the notion.

13 Funny Friday the 13th Memes and Things

You know it had to be done. The internet is made for making fun of everything related to Friday the 13th, whether it's about Jason Voorhees or, more traditionally, the black cat. So to help you folks out, we collected 13 of the funniest Friday the 13th memes (and other things) from the interwebs all in one handy place below.

Celebrate Friday the 13th by Reveling in All of the Features You Could Want!

It's that special time of year again... another Friday the 13th! And right now we have a massive look back at some of our most memorable Friday the 13th related coverage - old and new. Sit back and enjoy, kids, and don't tell your mama.

The Case for Tommy Jarvis: What Was Great About Jason’s Nemesis and Why He Should Face Him Again

The Tommy Jarvis “trilogy” of Friday the 13th movies is among the franchise’s most popular. When looking at The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, and Jason Lives, it’s clear that we’re talking about three very different slasher movies—each with its own style.

Celebrate Friday the 13th With This Feature Bonanza: Retrospectives! Top 10 Lists! Reviews! More!

Never mind the holiday season. Consider that officially on hold until tomorrow is over. That's right, Dreadies! It's the last Friday the 13th of the year, and you should be celebrating by enjoying our extensive list of goodies related to the day and series of films!

Friday the 13th Sequel Officially on its Way; Release Date Set

Rumors have been stirring for some time now regarding a sequel to the remake of Friday the 13th, but Paramount has officially laid claim to a release date, taking the first Friday the 13th spot of 2015, with the film opening in theaters March 13, 2015.

Editorial: How a Found Footage Friday the 13th Should Be Done

It was recently reported that the producers of the forthcoming Friday the 13th film are considering making the newest entry in the series a found footage movie. As is customary with rumors of beloved film franchises, everyone promptly lost their shit and then forgot about it an hour later.

Producers Still Considering Found Footage Route for New Friday the 13th

Rumors of the next entry in the Friday the 13th franchise being a found footage film have been swirling about for a while now, and just like Jason himself, they refuse to die. That being said...

Artists and Friday the 13th Stars Design Jason Masks for Charity

Sad that another Friday the 13th has come and gone? Missing the hockey mask-wearing momma's boy? Well then, here's a little something to hold you over until the next one in December: a fun art project that benefits a really good cause.

Massive Friday the 13th Feature Explosion! New Box Set Reviewed!

Happy Friday the 13th, kids! On this oh, so unlucky (for horny stoned teenagers) day, we figured we'd string together some of our most memorable features pertaining to everything Friday the 13th and review the new Blu-ray box set!

Top 13 Lessons Learned from Watching Friday the 13th Films

Fans of the Friday the 13th film series will certainly vouch for the fact that there are plenty of valuable and important lessons that can be learned by watching the films. Some are obvious (Jamie Kennedy hit on a few of them when he played Randy in Scream), some not so much.

NECA Goes Retro with Freddy and Jason

NECA is at it again! The action figure specialists are taking two of the greatest slashers of all time - A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees - and are releasing them as 8-inch tall, retro-style poseable dolls with fabric clothing.

Work on Long-Awaited Friday the 13th Sequel Starting Soon

Now that the Friday the 13th franchise has come home to Paramount, we've been waiting patiently to find out when work will start on the next installment so we can get ourselves geared up for Jason's latest rampage. Finally we have something to report.

Is Platinum Dunes Involved in Paramount's New Friday the 13th?

Last week we told you that the rights to Friday the 13th were back at Paramount. Old school Jason fans rejoiced and there was much celebration in the land (in my house, at least). Today the plot thickens, somewhat unsurprisingly.