Jason Mewes

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 4

Day four was known to all on set as "Strip Club Day." The cast and crew headed over to The Classy Lady for this particular day which meant there would be some half-naked girls on set. And while we can't show ya nudity (hey, we have standards we have to live by too sometimes!), we do have some good stuff in here including interviews with Ted Prior and some one-on-one time with Jason Mewes.

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 3

Hey, Dread Central fiends! Welcome to Heather "The Horror Chick" Wixson's production video blog for Day Three of Sean Cain's Breath of Hate.

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 2

Hello, readers, and welcome to the production video blog for Day Two of Sean Cain's Breath of Hate. On this day genre favorite Ezra Buzzington arrived for his scenes as "Hate." Let's just say that Ezra is not camera-shy, and he's got some wicked cool dance moves to boot!

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 1

Hey, horror fiends, here's the first installment of a new series of production video blogs from the horror/thriller Breath of Hate brought to you by Dread Central's own Horror Chick, Heather Wixson.

Exclusive: Jason Mewes Takes a Breath of Hate

Sean (Silent Night, Zombie Night) Cain, director of the upcoming Hammer Films/ArsonCuff Entertainment horror feature Breath of Hate, tipped Dread off today of his casting of actor Jason Mewes. The Clerks and Feast alum will star in Breath of Hate alongside the previously announced Ezra (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2) Buzzington and Felissa (Return to Sleepaway Camp) Rose.

Netherbeast Incorporated (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Darrell Hammond, Jason Mewes, Dave Foley, Judd Nelson, Amy Davidson Directed by Dean Ronalds Distributed by Well Go USA

Art & Specs for Netherbeast Incorporated DVD!

Though we showed you guys a new and improved poster for Netherbeast Incorporated not too long ago, the film’s DVD distributors, Well Go USA, decided to go with the older art for the DVD cover. I guess we can’t really complain, though, cause at least this much-loved horror/comedy is finally making its way home soon.

Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)

Starring Darrel Hammond, Steve Burns, Dave Foley, Amy Davidson, Jason Mewes, Robert Wagner, Judd Nelson Directed by Dean Ronalds

Ronalds Brothers (Netherbeast, Incorporated)

The guys at Ronalds Brothers Productions and I just had a great conversation about their film