Jason Goldberg

Tune in and Experience the Metamorphosis Online Right NOW!

We've been talking about the short film Metamorphosis for quite some time now, but it's a new year and the time for talking has officially come to an end. You can watch the goodies right here, right now! Dig it!

New Trailer Undergoes a Metamorphosis

Tuesday got you down? Still suffering the beginning of the week blues? Then how about we bug out a bit and let you dig on the first trailer for Metamorphosis? There, all better now, see?

Learn How the Metamorphosis Will Take Place

We've been talking about David Yohe's adaptation of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis for a while now. For those uninitiated, the story follows one unfortunate man's transformation into an insect. Today a video surfaced online discussing just how that change will take place.

More Casting News for David Yohe's Metamorphosis

For a short film, David Yohe's Metamorphosis is certainly signing up some heavy hitters for its cast! Joining the previously announced Nick Searcy ("Justified", "American Gothic") and Matt Angel ("CSI: NY") is Patricia Bethune ("True Blood", "Mad Men").

Justified's Nick Searcy Joins David Yohe's Metamorphosis

And another version of Franz Kafka's classic short story "Metamorphosis" is on its way, this time in the form of an indie drama thriller from director David Yohe and starring veteran actor Nick Searcy ("Justified", "American Gothic").