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A Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.03 - The Girl Next Door

Another Jensen Ackles-directed episode of "Supernatural" is heading our way this Friday, and if you're wondering what you can expect, this new clip from the ep, entitled "The Girl Next Door", showing Sam stalking someone in the forest should help. Or maybe not - you know what big teases those Winchester boys are!

A Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.03 - The Girl Next Door

This week's episode of "Supernatural" left viewers with a real cliffhanger, and while we ponder the possibilities of what the events that transpired mean for the Winchesters - and the human race - we have a peek at the upcoming "The Girl Next Door", directed by series star Jensen Ackles.

More Details on Supernatural's Shut Up, Dr. Phil Episode with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters; New Season 7 Promo Video

We learned back in August that "Buffy/Angel" alumni Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters would be guest starring in an upcoming episode of "Supernatural" entitled "Shut Up, Dr. Phil", and now we have the full synopsis to share. Look for the ep on Friday, October 21st, at 9:00 PM on The CW!

A Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.02 - Hello, Cruel World

Just in case you weren't fired up enough for Episode 2 of Season 7 of "Supernatural" this coming Friday, September 30th, we have a clip to go along with the teaser trailer provided by The CW already. Apparently Sam is seeing two Deans - we certainly wouldn't complain about that!

Promo Video for Supernatural Episode 7.02 - Hello, Cruel World

"Supernatural" Season 7 picks up immediately after the events that ended Season 6, and to say the show is off and running would be a bit of an understatement. There wasn't a single bump in the road during last night's season premiere, and we couldn't have been happier to see lots of returning faces. Check out this promo for next week's episode, "Hello, Cruel World", and let us know what you think of the events that have transpired thus far.

Supernatural CENTRAL - Interviews, Image Galleries and Videos to Psych You Up for Tonight

Season 7 of one of the longer running genre TV shows, "Supernatural", returns to our small screens tonight, and we wanted to remind you to watch with this neat package of our recent coverage.

A Familiar Face Returns for Episode 4 of Supernatural Season 7 - Defending Your Life

We weren't huge fans of the character of Jo on "Supernatural", but we do like Alona Tal, the actress who portrayed her, so it's good news that she'll be returning for the fourth episode of this season, entitled "Defending Your Life". The ep's synopsis follows.

Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 7.02 - Hello, Cruel World

We still have two loooong days to wait for the Season 7 premiere of "Supernatural", but The CW has kindly provided us with a gallery's worth of images from Episode 7.02, "Hello, Cruel World", to tide us over in the meantime. Something tells us Castiel's stint as the new God isn't going so well.

New Clip from the Supernatural Season 7 Premiere - Meet the New Boss

Finally this Friday night we'll find out what the Winchester brothers have been up to over the summer when "Supernatural" returns to The CW with the Season 7 premiere, "Meet the New Boss". Take a peek at a new clip from the episode provided by the network along with a few stills that seem to show Castiel and Death aren't exactly on good terms.

Official Synopsis for Jensen Ackles Directed Supernatural Episode The Girl Next Door

We already knew that "The Girl Next Door", the third episode of Season 7 of "Supernatural" that airs October 7th, was directed by series star Jensen Ackles and features flashbacks to 15-year-old Sam Winchester. Now we have the full official synopsis along with a summary of Episode Two, "Hello, Cruel World", airing September 30th, which we somehow neglected to pass on previously.

Prepare to "Meet the New Boss" in the Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Episode

"Supernatural" returns to the airwaves of The CW on Friday, September 23rd, and finally the network has provided us with an official synopsis of the episode we already knew was called "Meet the New Boss", in which Castiel takes on his new role as God. Something tells us he's not quite the same as the old boss.

James Patrick Stuart Joins Supernatural as a Nemesis for the Winchesters

Curious who might be causing trouble for the Winchester brothers during the upcoming Season 7 of "Supernatural"? Well, wonder no more as word has broken that James Patrick Stewart will be appearing in the sixth episode as a new baddie named Richard Roman. And he won't be alone...

Castiel Is the Focus of New Supernatural "Fear" Preview

September 23rd cannot get here soon enough! That's the date "Supernatural" returns to The CW for Season 7. The good news? We're getting one extra episode this year. The bad? The Castiel you knew is gone. At least that's what they're telling us in this new "Fear" preview.

Two Popular Buffy/Angel Alums Heading to Supernatural

As if "Supernatural" fans don't have enough to look forward to during the show's newly extended (to 23 episodes) Season 7, word of two exciting guest stars from the Joss Whedon Buffyverse appearing in an episode together should really get their juices flowing. Read on to see who's heading to the new season’s fifth episode, titled “Shut Up, Dr. Phil.”

Supernatural Gets Extended Season!

Some interesting news for us fans of "Supernatural". It looks like we're gonna be getting more bang for our buck once the Winchester boys get back to business for Season 7 of the hit CW television show!