Jared Harris

New Poster for The Quiet Ones Goes International

A new international poster for Hammer's The Quiet Ones has arrived courtesy of Virgin Movies, and it could be our favorite one yet! Check it out, and let us know what you think.

New The Quiet Ones Artwork Flatlines

A UK quad one-sheet for Hammer's The Quiet Ones has arrived, and for once we actually think we like the U.S. artwork better than the foreign. Check out the two alongside each other and tell us which floats your boat!

Official Quiet Ones One-Sheet Keeps it Down

The first one-sheet for Hammer's The Quiet Ones has arrived, and we're definitely digging it. Hopefully it will not get replaced by floating heads with pensive expressions. Check it out, and look for more on this one soon!

Make Some Noise for the UK Theatrical Trailer for The Quiet Ones

A new UK theatrical trailer has arrived for Hammer's The Quiet Ones, and if you're local to that area, you get to see it a few weeks earlier than those of us here in the States.

New Trailer Making Noise for Hammer's The Quiet Ones

A truly spooky new trailer has arrived for Hammer's The Quiet Ones along with a new still, and if you're a fan of the paranormal, this one seems to be right up your haunted alley. Check it out!

Poltergeist - They're Here in 2015!

Wondering when you're going to get to see the remake of Poltergeist? Well wonder no more, kids! Stay away from your TV and get closer to your computer screen as we're ready to unveil the release date for you right here.

Shhh! The First Teaser Trailer Is Here for The Quiet Ones

One upcoming film we've been pretty excited about ever since it was first announced is Hammer's The Quiet Ones, and with today being Halloween, what better time to release the first teaser trailer? Check it out!

Jane Adams Hung Up on Poltergeist

More casting news for the remake of Poltergeist, which is shooting now in Toronto, has arrived as Jane Adams ("Hung") has joined the flick as a parapsychologist called in to help the family find their daughter and identify the supernatural forces at work in their home.

Saxon Sharbino Gets Haunted in Poltergeist Reboot

Whether you like it or not, a remake of Poltergeist is headed our way, and shooting in fact already began in Toronto earlier this week. A little late to be learning of casting news, but that's exactly what we've got for ya.

More Poltergeist Casting News Comes Haunting

Yet more casting news for MGM and Fox 2000's reboot of the classic 80s horror flick Poltergeist has come in, and this time Deadline is reporting that Sherlock Holmes' Jared Harris is next to get spooked!

Lionsgate Makes a Date with The Quiet Ones

Lionsgate has nabbed the North American rights for the next chiller from Hammer, entitled The Quiet Ones, and they've already given it a release date! See how quickly things can move once they start cooking?

First One-Sheet for The Quiet Ones Makes Some Noise

On tap right now is the first official one-sheet for the next chiller from Hammer, entitled The Quiet Ones. Yeah, it's kind of small, but I'm sure we'll have a high-resolution version for you cats soon enough. Dig it!

More Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Stills Erected

Some new stills from Mortal Instruments: City of Bones have made their way online, several of which are featuring Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell in various stages of his caree... huh? It's not him? Well shit. Check 'em out anyway.

Inky New Still from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

A new still from the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has hit the interwebs featuring actress Jemima West as her character, Isabelle. Check it out, and then bone up on your knowledge of tattoos.

EFM 2013: First Look at Hammer's The Quiet Ones; UK Distro Secured

Some quick distro news and a brand new still have come out of the European Film Market for Hammer's latest flick, The Quiet Ones. What a wonderfully noisy way to keep your Friday afternoon cooking!