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Jamie Kennedy Is Having a Bad Day in Buddy Hutchins

Some days definitely suck more than others, but for Jamie Kennedy, in the new film Buddy Hutchins things have gotten really, really bad. Bad enough for chainsaws, gas cans, and shotguns! Read on for details.

First Details on Buddy Hutchins Starring Jamie Kennedy; Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Still

Veteran actor Jamie Kennedy has a huge and diverse slew of acting credits on his resume; however, it's safe to say that even with his years of work in Hollywood, he's never experienced anything quite like Buddy Hutchins.

Jailbait (2014)

Starring Sara Malakul Lane, Steve Hanks, Jennifer Robyn Jacobs, Erin O’Brien, Samantha Cardon Directed by Jared Cohn

Atlantic Rim (2013)

Starring David Chokachi, Anthony “Treach” Criss, Graham Greene, Jackie Moore Directed by Jared Cohn

The Asylum's Atlantic Rim Trailer Goes Big with Giant Robots Battling Giant Monsters

Atlantic Rim may look like lawsuit bait after the last year’s legal woes The Asylum had over their Battleship and Hobbit mockbusters. It better not because it also looks pretty damn cool if you’re like me and believe you can never have enough movies about giant robots battling giant monsters.

The Asylum's Atlantic Rim Comes From the Sea

Amazing the things you can find by complete accident when conducting a Google search. Like a Pensacola, Florida, news site spilling the beans about the cast and crew of the Asylum’s Pacific Rim mockbuster Atlantic Rim/From the Sea shooting in their area.

Spooky Exclusive Clip From The Asylum's First Theatrical Release #HoldYourBreath

Tomorrow is the big day, kids! That's right, on October 5th The Asylum's first theatrical release #HoldYourBreath makes it into theatres and we have got an exclusive clip for you right here. Check it out and look for a review of the film starring ERIN MARIE HOGAN soon!

#HoldYourBreath - The Asylum Wants to Kill YOU!

While they've already been killing one of our reviewers, The Foywonder, for years now, we have to admit The Asylum has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of the quality of their flicks. With the October 5th theatrical release of #HoldYourBreath looming they're now turning their attention to you!

You Won't Need to #HoldYourBreath Any Longer to See the Trailer for The Asylum's First Theatrical Release

With its October 5th theatrical date just a few weeks away, The Asylum has finally exhaled the trailer for #HoldYourBreath, its first foray into big screen moviemaking, starring Katrina Bowden of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil...

The Spawn of Satan Will be Born on 12-12-12 and We Have His Exclusive First Baby Photos

After last year’s numerical doomsday 11-11-11 but before 2012’s December 21st Mayan-pocalypse lurks another sinister date: 12-12-12. If it wasn’t a sinister date before it sure is now thanks to a new Omen-esque horror flick titled after the date on which its hellspawn will be born.

The Asylum's #HoldYourBreath Slated For Theatrical Release

I absolutely love this story! We've told you about The Asylum's #HoldYourBreath (formerly Don't Hold Your Breath) in the past, and now it seems like the fine purveyors of mockbuster cinema have gone and done it: They're taking the multiplexes by storm!

The Asylum Has a Change of Heart! They Now Want You to Hold Your Breath!

A couple of days ago we broke the news that The Asylum was readying its first theatrical feature. Well, it's still happening; only now it has a bit of a different title. That's right, kids! Don't Hold Your Breath has become Hold Your Breath.

Exclusive: Katrina Bowden Enters The Asylum for Their First Theatrical Feature Don't Hold Your Breath

If someone were to ask you if The Asylum was ever going to make a theatrically released film, you’d probably respond, “Don’t hold your breath!” Turns out Don’t Hold Your Breath will be the title of their first ever big screen bound slasher flick starring “30 Rock” beauty Katrina Bowden.

Born Bad (2011)

Starring Meredith Monroe, Bonnie Dennison, Michael Welch, David Chokachi Written and directed by Jared Cohn

As if You Need a Movie Title to Know The Asylum Was Born Bad

While The Asylum's priorites in recent years have focused on mockbusters and outlandish "mega" movies, raunchy sex comedies, and even some Christian baiting flicks to boot, one should not forget that in the beginning they actually churned out original horror. Could Born Bad be a return to their early days?