Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl Poster Revealed!

Remember that crazy-ass trailer we posted in April for Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (watch it again here)? Now we've got the poster and a few more details to go along with it -- including where you might be able to see the film!

A New Trailer and Full Synopses for Two New Ju-on Films

The Ju-on series is one that just refuses to die. We previously had a look at the combo trailer for the two new entries in the franchise, Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo, and now a new version has hit the Net.

Carrasco Rider: Howard the Duck Meets Kamen Rider?

This is not horror related - or is it? Do tuxedo-wearing mutants with eggs for heads frighten you? If so, this trailer may traumatize you. Not to worry, Carrasco Rider and his mini masked duck badassery will save us all. This can only mean more certifiably insane wackiness from Japan that must be seen to be believed.

Japanese Horror Story – It'll Get You in the End!

There are gimmicks, and then there are gimmicks. And today we got the drop on a story that will make you want to drop your drawers and settle in for some alone time. Seriously. Why take a book into the bathroom when you can actually read the toilet paper?

Motion Picture Purgatory: Beautiful Girl Hunter

Trembles' review this week is decidedly not work safe. I'm not even sure if it's home safe either. He has outdone himself with a seriously twisted little entry here!

Daimajin Returns to Japanese Television

Everyone knows Godzilla, most everyone knows Gamera, and lately even Guilala has been getting its due, but how many of you are familiar with Daimajin, the giant stone samurai statue that came to life to unleash hell upon evil shoguns in three Daiei films back in the Sixties? The giant stone samurai is roaring back to life this fall on Japanese TV.

Yamagata Scream Trailer Is a Real Scream

For everyone who's on bummed-out overload from all the crap-tastic remake news we've been dishing out lately, here's a little reprieve.

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl Trailer

Brace yourselves for this one. Extreme arterial spray and over-the-top acting and effects combine for one helluva crazy looking trailer!

Samurai Princess: You Had Us at Breast Grenades

The trailer for the latest gore-fest out of Japan hit online today. That's right, kids, Samurai Princess is on the way, and this chick is packin' some serious heat -- Rocket Feet! Scissor Legs! And yes, Breast Grenades! Aw yeah, mama!

Tokyo Zombie Coming to DVD April 7th

Thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, horror comedy sensation Tokyo Zombie is set for release on DVD this April 7, 2009.

First Blood: The Last Vampire Trailer!

It’s pretty low quality, it’s very short, and it’s in Japanese; but we finally have our first look at the trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire! Check it out below and keep your eyes here for more updates on the film very soon!

Bone House to Release Late Bloomer

It's been called “wonderfully perverse” and “one of the best films that has come out of Japan recently"; finally Go Shibata’s Late Bloomer will be hitting DVD via Bone House Asia on March 24th, the company announced today.

Death Note 2 DVD Details

Fans of the first Death Note don’t have much longer to wait for its sequel, Death Note II: The Last Name (review), which picks up the events right after the first one and brings things to a long-overdue conclusion. Some official plot, if you will:

Attack Girls Swim Team Versus The Undead (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Sasa Handa, Yuria Hidaka, Hiromitsu Kiba, Hidetomo Nishida, Mizuka Arai Directed by Koji Kawano

Killer Bees, Japanese Style, Coming to DVD

When you think about places prone to falling victim to killer bee attacks you usually think South and Central America, Mexico, and parts of the Southern and Southwestern United States. Japan is not a place you think about when you think about killer bees. But that's about to change with the impending DVD release of the Japanese nature gone amok flick Killer Bees.