Attention J-Horror Fans: Takashi Shimizu's Undiscovered Film Alter Ego Being Released February 18

It's been awhile since J-horror has been at the forefront of the genre, but it still has a lot of fans so when word of the worldwide release of Alter Ego, an "undiscovered" film from 2002 that Takashi Shimizu was involved with, we figured you'd want to hear about it.

Give Thanks for These First Details, Stills, and Trailer for Yoshihiro Nishimura's Zombie TV

If you're a fan of Japanese splatter films, then your Thanksgiving just got a lot messier - and zanier - as what we have for you here are the first details on madman Yoshihiro Nishimura's Zombie TV, including several stills and a trailer. Put on a raincoat, and dig in!

Danger After Dark Bringing Death Penalty.com Double Feature to DVD and VOD in March

Are you looking for a little Japanese horror nastiness to get your bodily fluids flowing? Danger After Dark is about to drop a cool double feature on you. Death Penalty.com and Death Penalty.com: A New Beginning will be available on DVD and VOD on March 12th.

Fantasia 2012: Half a Dozen New Dead Sushi Stills and a Side of Sticky Rice

More stills have come our way for the zany new zombie flick from acclaimed Japanese director Noboru Iguchi, Dead Sushi, and we have every strange moment for you right here on tap served with wasabi and ginger. Dig it!

Fantasia 2012: Exclusive Still from Noboru Iguchi's Dead Sushi

An exclusive image has come our way from the hot wasabi action flick Dead Sushi from acclaimed Japanese director Noboru Iguchi, which will have its world premiere at Montreal’s prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival on July 22nd.

Japanese Porn Star Maria Ozawa Is a Tokyo Species

If you watched any of the Species movies and thought how much better they'd be with more sex, more nudity, more tentacle impalings, more eggs getting squirted out of vaginas, more Japanese girl school uniform mortal combat, and Japanese porn superstar Maria Ozawa as the horny alien, then Tokyo Species is the monstrous wet dream you’ve been waiting for.

J-Horror Enthusiasts Insist - Bite Me If You Love Me

Oh, those wacky Japanese! Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl director Naoyuki Tomomatsu has a new flick on its way! A schoolgirl zombie erotica comedy(!) called Bite Me If You Love Me, and we have the initial details for you right here along with the trailer.

Japan Unleashes its Own Monster Squad with Kaibutsu-Kun

Oh, Japan. We love your resiliency in the face of tragedy. We love your strange fascination with tentacles, and most of all we love your nothing short of outrageous films. Yet another monster-filled tale is on its way from the Far East, and we've got your first look at Kaibutsu-Kun right here!

The Creepiest iPhone 4 Case on the Planet

You know, ninety-nine percent of the time we see a product that just leaves us scratching our heads and wondering, who in the friggin' world would design such a thing, it's usually coming out of Japan. Case in point ... For you iPhone 4 freaks out there, behold the strangest damned case we've ever seen for the damned thing! Dubbed the "Mischievous Hand", this shit is the stuff of nightmares.

Cold Fish (2011)

Starring Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Denden, Hikari Kajiwara, Asuka Kurosawa, Megumi Kagurazaka Directed by Sion Sono Distributed by Bloody Disgusting Selects

Charity Screening of Helldriver Taking Place in New York on April 28th

Yoshihiro Nishimura's Helldriver will be having its New York premiere on Thursday, April 28, 2011, as a very special launch event for the 5th Festival of Contemporary Japanese Film (July 7–July 18, 2011): Japan Cuts and for the New York Asian Film Festival 2011. Director Nishimura and actress Eihi Shiina will both be in attendance.

New English Subtitled Trailer for Tokyo Gore Police Helmer's Helldriver

While the current catastrophe in Northern Japan may have Hollywood pulling movies and rewriting scripts to not potentially offend any sensibilites, it's almost comforting to know in some respects it's still business as usual in Japan, as evidenced by no calls to ban or censor Yoshihiro Nishimura's Helldriver, a splatterfest that begins with Northern Japan going to hell after being showered

In the Wake of the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disasters Pacific Rim Gets a Rewrite

Though giant monsters stomping Japan has long been a staple of creature features, none of the fictitious destruction has ever emulated the true horrors and tragedy that the Japanese people have faced over the last few days. A massive earthquake. A deadly and destructive tsunami. An impending nuclear crisis. Horrendous weather. It seems as if the universe has aligned to wipe them off the map.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Starfish Hitler

I'll say it again. Whenever you're looking for a perfect WTF video for Friday, there's no place better to turn than Japanese television. One of the most popular Japanese superheroes is the insectoid motorcycle-riding, ascot-wearing, high-kicking Kamen Rider. And only in Japan will you find a kid's show where the villain is a genetic hybrid of Adolph Hitler and a starfish.

Ghost Being Remade for Japanese Audiences

Stop the friggin' presses! Yes, you read that right! In a stunning turn of events an American supernatural themed love story involving a restless spirit is being remade for Japan! Not the other way around! I'm dizzy. Really, I may faint. Somebody hold me.