Janna Fassaert

Brian Yuzna's Amphibious Gets Itself a Salty New Site

Ready for Brian Yuzna's latest 3D monster movie that features giant sea scorpions, Amphibious? Well, even if you're not, we have some more plankton for your to nosh on while you check out the flick's new online digs.

First Photos of Yuzna's Amphibious Sea Scorpions

Brian Yuzna's latest, entitled Amphibious, might sound like the making of a Syfy original movie - giant prehistoric sea scorpions go on a rampage - but this new Indonesian-lensed creature feature from the Bride of Re-Animator/Return of the Living Dead 3 director coming in May 2010 is getting in on the 3D craze. We're now getting our first look at the giant prehistoric sea scorpions on the attack and not a moment too soon; for my money we don't get nearly enough killer crustacean flicks, let alone in 3D.