Janet McTeer

Haunting New Artwork for The Woman in Black

Sometimes subtlety and understatement is much more effective than artwork that is all too busy for its own good. Such is the case with the latest bit of eye candy in promotion of The Woman in Black.

TV Spot #3 for The Woman in Black Arrives Too Late

A third TV spot for The Woman in Black has arrived, and it just might be "Too Late"! But considering how anxiously we are awaiting the film's February 3rd release date here in the States, we'll take whatever we can get!

TV Spot #2 Lands Online for The Woman in Black

We're just one short month away from the US release date of The Woman in Black, and while we've been talking about the film for months, a lot of people are still unaware of it. The solution? Another new TV spot that's sure to put the flick on everyone's radar.

Haunting New Stills From The Woman in Black

Ready for a full plate of spooky to get you going today? Well then, you're in luck, my friend, as ten new stills from the upcoming Hammer horror flick The Woman in Black have made their way online!

New One-Sheet for The Woman in Black Haunts the Interwebs

The studios are firing with both barrels on our way into the holiday weekend! The next sliver of goodness of tap for our fellow freaks is a bit of new poster art for The Woman in Black! Dare you stare?

A New Still and the First TV Spot for The Woman in Black

In case we haven't stressed it enough already, here at Dread Central we are super excited to see James Watkins' take on Susan Hill's story of The Woman in Black. To make sure you guys are all as pumped up as we are, we have today a new still and the film's first TV spot to share!

Daniel Radcliffe Tests Your Knowledge of The Woman in Black with Trivia Question #2

Trying to find ways to fill the time between now and the February debut of The Woman in Black? How about answering another trivia question posed by Daniel Radcliffe to everyone who's seen the teaser trailer for the film?

A Second Trailer Debuts for The Woman in Black

A second official trailer has appeared for The Woman in Black entitled "Superstition", and it promises to be creepy like Black Friday but with more vengeful homicidal spirits and fewer discounts. Check it out!

Daniel Radcliffe Tests Your Trivia Knowledge of The Woman in Black

A new video has popped up over on CBS Films' YouTube page in which The Woman in Black star Daniel Radcliffe has a trivia question for everyone who's seen the teaser trailer for the film. Of course we have it for you right here so dive in and test your knowledge!

Daniel Radcliffe Goes Gate Crashing in Latest Still from The Woman in Black

Know what we want for Christmas? For Hammer Films' The Woman in Black to hurry up and get here already! C'mon, Santa! You slave drive those damned elves! Make it so already!

Visit the New Viral Website for The Woman in Black; A Message from Daniel Radcliffe

Happy Halloween from The Woman in Black! Just in time for everyone's favorite holiday comes a new viral site for the highly anticipated film. Take a look inside Eel Marsh House and discover the answer to "What did they see?"

A Sneak Peek of The Woman in Black; New Motion Poster Revealed

I doubt there's anyone on the planet who's looking forward to seeing the new Hammer Films version of The Woman in Black more than I am. But I'm willing to bet that after our readers check out this new sneak peek video from last night's broadcast of Spike TV's 2011 Scream Awards, I'll have quite a bit of company. There's also a new motion poster that gives a good idea of the film's creepy vibe.

The Woman in Black UK Trailer Debut

The UK trailer for the highly anticipated The Woman in Black, based on Susan Hill's chilling Gothic ghost tale, has arrived, and of course we have it right here for your perusal along with the US teaser version for comparison's sake.

An Illuminating New Image from The Woman in Black

We could not possibly be looking forward to a movie more than we are The Woman in Black. Every still, every trailer ... totally spot on in terms of bringing Susan Hill's chilling Gothic ghost tale to life. Get ready to sample some more spooky!

New Quad One-Sheet for The Woman in Black Stares Over Your Shoulder

To say that we're stoked for Hammer's upcoming adaptation of the Susan Hill book The Woman in Black is a bit of an understatement. Mainly because we know how nail-bitingly scary the tale is. Ready for some spooky new eye candy?