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More Spooky Insidious Stills and Viral Videos

The wait for Insidious (review here) just seems longer and longer doesn't it? Good thing we're here with some goodies to tide you all over!

Six Insidious Clips to Chill Your Bones

Excited about Insidious (review here)? Well, you should be. If not, maybe the following six clips (four of which are new) will do wonders in terms of getting your ghosts!

First Insidious TV Spot and Another New Clip

And the Insidious goodies keep rolling on out, this time in the form of the first TV spot and even a new clip. So good to have some decent looking chills on the way!

Evil Rears its Head in First Look at Insidious Demon

Two more images have come our way for James Wan's upcoming terror tale Insidious, this time revealing a rather evil looking fellow who could not possibly be up to anything good. Time to get demonic, baby!

New Insidious Stills Bring the Strange and the Spooky

Two new stills have hit our desks for James Wan's upcoming terror tale Insidious, and holy cow are they ... um ... memorable to say the least. Check 'em out below, and be sure to buy a nightlight on your way home from work.

Insidious Goes Viral - Evil Infects The Net!

Terrifying days lay ahead with James Wan's Insidious readying itself to slide into theatres this April, and we couldn't be happier. The wait seems kind of long, but thankfully something has hit the interwebs to help us cope!

New Insidious Site Brings Evil Online

Insidious has people talking. Come April 1st viewers everywhere will get a chance to see for themselves what exactly it is. But until then you can get a glimpse of it for yourself at the newly launched Insidious website.

New Insidious Stills and One-Sheet to Haunt Your Monitor

And the work week finally winds down with a couple of goodies from James Wan's highly anticipated next film Insidious! Get ready for a bit of a chill to take you into your weekend!

Full Trailer for Insidious Brings the Tension!

The full trailer for James Wan's next highly anticipated tale of ghostly terror, Insidious, has arrived along with a copious amount of spookery! Dig it!

James Wan to Deliver Lots of Terror With Icon Entertainment - First Word on House of Horror!

With his latest film Insidious (review here) primed and ready for a release on April 1st, we've been wondering what director James Wan would do next. Finally we know and it's a whole hell of a lot!

Insidious Gets a Rating

The MPAA has handed down a rating for James Wan's highly anticipated spooker Insidious, and we've got the scoop on whether or not you'll have to sneak into the theatre and pretend to be someone else's kids!

Teaser Trailer Debut - James Wan's Insidious

Simply put, April 1st cannot get here soon enough. Why? Because after dealing with the lame April Fool's jokes all day, audiences across the country will be able to end the prank time by having the shit scared out of them. Get ready to dig on the teaser trailer debut for James Wan's latest terror tale, Insidious.

Insidious to Send Screams Across the Country

Release plans for James Wan's Insidious were elaborated upon today, and Sony has confirmed that when the film debuts in April, it will open on 1,500-2,000 theaters across the country. Not too shabby!

Finally a Release Date for James Wan's Insidious

If there's one movie we're all dying to see around these parts, it's James Wan's Insidious, which has been met with rave reviews since it played at the Toronto Film Festival. Finally we have confirmation of when we'll see it in theatres here in the States.

New One-Sheet and Still: James Wan's Insidious

Now here's a good way to start the week! We've gotten our hands on a new teaser one-sheet and still for the most highly praised horror film at the Toronto International Film Festival, James Wan's Insidious (review here). Dig it!