James Wan

First Conjuring Still Swings on the Spiral

Finally the first still from James Wan's latest film, The Conjuring, is here; and though it doesn't show very much, it is still intriguing as hell. Check it out right now, and look for more on the flick as soon as we get it!

Maria Bello Joins Untitled James Wan Presents Film for Dimension

James Wan is getting pretty busy with his line of "Presents" films, and though we don't have a title for this latest one, we do have some casting info and more. Read on for the latest and revel in the thoughts of shivers to come.

Director James Wan and Stars Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, and Patrick Wilson Discuss The Conjuring

James Wan, who wowed audiences last year with Insidious, is finishing a new nightmare to deliver unto us titled The Conjuring. During last month's New York Comic Con, Wan and a few of the film's stars chatted with our man Nomad about what we can expect.

The Conjuring Scaring the Hell out of Test Audiences

Some really promising results are coming in for James Wan's latest film, The Conjuring, which explores one of the cases of real life paranormal icons Ed and Lorraine Warren. Apparently test audiences are currently being blown away.

Warner Brothers Caught Conjuring a New Release Date

Well, so much for that January 25, 2013 release date. James Wan's haunting new flick, The Conjuring, has been pegged for a summer release by the house that the bunny built. Get out your calendars and read on.

Make a Date with The Conjuring

Any time you're having a discussion regarding the paranormal, two names are nearly guaranteed to come up: Ed and Lorraine Warren. James Wan's latest film, The Conjuring, based on one of their cases from the Seventies, is bringing the duo's tale to the big screen; and now you can find out when!

New Director in Talks for James Wan's House of Horrors

With the departure of Xavier Gens from Dimension Films' House of Horror comes word of a new director looking to take the helm of the James Wan presented scare fest from a screenplay by Max La Bella. Read on for details.

Maria Bello to Enter James Wan's House of Horror

Some quick possible casting news has come in for James Wan's upcoming frightfest House of Horror, and it sounds as if another actor is in final negotiations to officially check in!

Exclusive: Writer/Actor Leigh Whannell Confirms Specs and Tucker Characters to Return for Insidious 2

During a video interview today for Dread Central's upcoming Indie Horror Month celebration (more about that on Monday), we chatted with writer/actor Leigh Whannell about what he's been cooking up for Insidious 2, the follow-up to 2011's hugely successful thriller helmed by James Wan.

More Casting News for The Warren Files

More casting news is coming in for James Wan's newly renamed The Warren Files. Two new actors have signed on for some good old fashioned haunting. Read on for the skinny!

New Line Conjures Up a New Title for James Wan - The Warren Files

There are few projects we're looking forward to more than James Wan's newly named The Warren Files (formerly The Conjuring). One of horror's brightest directors tackling the tales of the paranormal's most well respected researchers? Yeah, sign us up! Along with the title change comes some casting news. Read on!

James Wan and Leigh Whannell Back for Insidious Sequel

Some really good news is coming in for fans of the flick Insidious. We reported previously that a sequel is on its way, and now it looks like the original duo are coming back to continue the scares.

Dimension to Open James Wan's House of Horror

We've been talking about the frightfest House of Horror for a while now, and finally a studio has stepped up to give it distro. Read on for details.

More Cast Conjured Up for Latest James Wan Project

More casting news is coming in for James Wan's latest trip to Spookyville, The Conjuring, and we have all the details for you right here along with word of a possible title change. Read on !

James Wan Conjuring a Cast

Few people know how to do spooky as well as James Wan, and for his new supernatural spooker, The Conjuring, the man is looking to scare up quite the cast...