James Wan

The First TV Spot for The Conjuring Haunts Your Televisions

We're getting close, kids! We're just a little over a month away from James Wan's The Conjuring beginning to haunt your theatre halls, and the hype wheel has begun turning. Next stop - the very first TV spot!

The Conjuring to Premiere at the L.A. Film Festival

Planning to attend this year's Los Angeles Film Festival? Looking forward to James Wan's latest film, The Conjuring? Then this story is for you! That's right, kids! Get ready to kill two birds with one horrific stone!

Insidious Chapter 2 - Q&A with Jason Blum, Leigh Whannell, Patrick Wilson, Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey and James Wan

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Insidious Chapter 2 set visit, we now have a Q&A for you to dig on! Check it out!

Rockin' New UK One-Sheet For The Conjuring

A new one-sheet for the super-spooky new flick from James Wan, The Conjuring, has arrived from our friends across the pond and it may very well be our favorite one yet. Check it out right here! The film opens in the US and the UK on July 19, 2013.

New UK Trailer for The Conjuring Haunts the Net

Our friends across the pond have their very own trailer for James Wan's The Conjuring, and even though it's very similar to the trailer we have here in the States, it is just different enough to warrant another story. Check it out!

Go Beyond The Conjuring with Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron. She and her family experienced a living hell in a tiny farmhouse for nearly ten years. Ten long years. The aforementioned hell is the basis for the new film from James Wan, The Conjuring, and it's bound to get people talking about their beliefs... and even the lack thereof.

New Trailer for The Conjuring! Watch with the Lights On!

Another trailer for the new uber-creepy opus from James Wan, The Conjuring, has arrived to send some real chills down your spine this fine Tuesday. This flick cannot get here soon enough! Watch it now... if ya got the guts!

WonderCon 2013: The Conjuring Too Scary for the MPAA

Our guy Casey King is busy wandering the halls of WonderCon in Anaheim, CA, and he took some time from his drinking in the weirdness to call in with several news items that we're gonna break up into a couple of stories. The following one has us very excited.

New One-Sheet for The Conjuring Lets it All Hang Out

A new one-sheet for James Wan's incredibly spooky looking film The Conjuring has arrived, and it's home to a really classic horror kind of feel that we thoroughly approve of. Check out this latest sliver of ominous eye candy right now.

Over a Dozen New Stills from The Conjuring

Hot on the heels of the trailer and poster premiere this morning for James Wan's The Conjuring, we now have over a dozen new stills just waiting to be devoured by your horror-hungry eyes! Check 'em out!

Warner Bros. Conjures Up a Teaser Trailer and Artwork for The Conjuring

We haven't heard much about James Wan's The Conjuring lately, but that's about to change as Warner Bros. has released some new artwork and a teaser trailer for the flick. Check it all out right here!

End of Watch's Cody Horn to Patrol James Wan's Latest Horror Project

Here's the thing... if you're gonna go ghost hunting, you might as well do it with hot chicks. I mean, if things go wrong and some supernatural entity ends up claiming your soul for all eternity, why not have the last thing you see be a beauty? Speaking of which...

Another Actor Files into James Wan's Latest Horror Project

More casting news has come in for Dimension's untitled James Wan Presents thriller (formerly House of Horror) starring Maria Bello and Frank Grillo. Read on for the skinny on who else is setting themselves up for a good fright!

Frank Grillo and Maria Bello Official for James Wan's House of Horror

It's been awhile, but finally we have some firm casting news coming in for the James Wan-produced horror flick for Dimension, House of Horror. Read on for all the latest details regarding this upcoming spook show.

Fourth Still From The Conjuring Haunts the Internet

Another still from James Wan's upcoming The Conjuring has made its way into our inbox, and rather than keep it there contained where it cannot harm anyone, we've decided to set it free into the ether. Dig it!