James O'Barr

Luke Evans Follows The Crow Closely

The remake of The Crow is perched and nearly ready to go, and as a means to quell some fan hesitation, Red Carpet News caught up with the new Eric Draven himself, Luke Evans, to find out what fans can expect!

First Details and Teaser Art for The Crow: Pestilence from IDW

The spirits of vengeance are back with brutal force in The Crow: Pestilence, a new miniseries coming from IDW Publishing in early 2014 written by Frank Bill with art by Drew Moss and covers by Crow creator James O'Barr.

F. Javier Gutierrez Following the Graphic Novel Closely for Crow Reboot

There's already a great deal of hoopla surrounding the long talked about remake of The Crow... the project has already been hampered by legal woes, negative story reactions, etc. Hopefully this latest tidbit of news will quell said negativity.

The Crow Flies into More Legal Woes

For a while it sounded as if The Crow redux was in for some smooth sailing, but alas... someone has gotten their feathers ruffled again.

Crow Creator James O'Barr Signs on for The Crow Remake; Movie Headed to San Diego Comic-Con

Finally some good news has flown in for Relativity Media's redux of the classic tale of ghostly revenge known as The Crow! Creator James O'Barr has signed on to the project, which is heading to Comic-Con!

WonderCon 2012: IDW Reveals Team Behind New Crow Comic Series; New & Re-Released Judge Dredd Coming

With new films on the way, it's no surprise new comic versions of The Crow and Judge Dredd are on their way as well (along with a re-release of the latter), and during this weekend's WonderCon, IDW Publishing provided more details on both.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: IDW Resurrects The Crow

Fan of James O'Barr's legendary comic book The Crow? Then brothers and sisters do we have some really good news for you! News that could have only happened at the San Diego Comic-Con. From the Press Release

The Original Crow Takes Flight to Blu-ray

It can't rain all the time, but when it does, we're hoping that in Blu-ray high definition it will look better than ever. That's right, kids! The movie that started all the hoopla, ending in the tragic death of its star Brandon Lee, is getting set to make its debut in glorious 1080p.

Norrington to Reboot Crow Franchise

After taking a self-imposed sabbatical following the “demoralizing” experience of making League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which I felt demoralized just watching, Variety reports that Stephen Norrington is returning to filmmaking with a new film based on James O’Barr’s classic antihero, The Crow.