James Marsh

Cas Anvar to Offer Medical Assistance to The Vatican Tapes

When exorcising a demon from a helpless human, it may be a good idea to have a doctor on hand to deal with any problems that happen to arise during the procedure. You know, like holy water burns, head rotations, etc.

Cast Recorded on The Vatican Tapes

The first casting news has arrived for Lionsgate's and Lakeshore Entertainment's new chiller from director Mark Neveldine entitled The Vatican Tapes, and we have all the details waiting for you with a shotglass filled with holy water.

The Vatican Tapes Set to Sell Quickly at Cannes

Some quick news is coming in from the Cannes Film Market that must be music to both Lionsgate's and Lakeshore Entertainment's ears. It sounds as if The Vatican Tapes is poised to be a rather hot property at the big dance!

Mark Neveldine to Record the Vatican Tapes

Holy hell, the last time we talked about The Vatican Tapes was 2009, and back then it had James Marsh (Man on a Wire) set to direct the latest flick detailing what happens when an exorcism goes wrong. Time has passed, and things have changed.

Robert Pattison Looking to Hold On to Me

With The Twilight Saga heading off into... well... the twilight, star Robert Pattinson is looking to shed his sparkling skin by taking on more mature roles, and who could blame him? We're unsure how Dread-worthy this is gonna turn out, but read on for the latest on his next film.

Blu-ray and DVD Art - The Red Riding Trilogy

IFC Film's well received Red Riding Trilogy (review here) is coming home to Blu-ray and DVD, and as you'd expect, we have the first details and the artwork. We're good like that! Dig it!

Exclusive: Interview with Tony Grisoni, Writer of the Red Riding Trilogy

“Yorkshire Noir. Dickens on bad acid.” -- Tony Grisoni on Red Riding. Tony Grisoni did it. Wrote the whole lot. All 278 minutes of the Red Riding Trilogy, which was adapted from David Peace’s noir epics. Dread Central recently sat down with him to get the scoop on the details, the process, Poe, and even Terry Gilliam.

Red Riding Trilogy (2010)

Reviewed by Heather Buckley Starring Andrew Garfield, Rebecca Hall, Robert Sheehan, Paddy Considine, Maxine Peake, David Morrissey, Warren Clark Directed by Julian Jarrold (1974), James Marsh (1980), Anand Tucker (1983) Here comes Lil' Red Riding Hood...

New Red Riding Trilogy Individual Trailers / Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

Videos galore have dropped today for IFC's upcoming Red Riding trilogy, and we've got every single one for you! Get ready to dig on all the trailers and even a behind-the-scenes featurette!

Here Comes the Red Riding Trilogy Traveling Roadshow!

I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of the Red Riding trilogy until this press release popped into my inbox. But, after reading about it, I can honestly tell you it’s something that sounds well worth checking out. If you agree with me (and are local to New York City), you’re in luck! IFC Films will be hosting a screening of this trilogy exclusively at the IFC Center. Read on for more!

Red Riding Trailer Debut

Truth can be far more frightening than fiction, and IFC Films is going to show us just how scary things can get via the release of the Red Riding trilogy.

James Marsh to Record The Vatican Tapes

Looking to further expand upon the possession craze that has begun sweeping the horror community as of late, Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment have partnered to get the ball rolling on the next bit of the devil made them do it mayhem.

Grisoni, Tony (Screenwriter, Red Riding Trilogy)

“Yorkshire Noir. Dickens on bad acid.” -- Tony Grisoni on Red Riding. Tony Grisoni did it. Wrote the who