James Gunn

SXSW 2011: Exclusive Video Interview - James Gunn and Rainn Wilson Talk Super

One of the more delightfully badass flicks that was featured during the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival is writer/director James Gunn’s Super, which stars Rainn Wilson as a deranged self-imposed superhero who bashes people with a wrench in an attempt to thwart crime.

New Super One-Sheet Asks Questions

Having finally seen James Gunn's latest film Super (review here) over the weekend, we can totally confirm that it deserves the coverage we've been giving it.

Get Ready for a Super New Trailer

Yes, we know that there aren't many horror elements in James Gunn's latest film Super (review here), but the premise is so deliciously psychotic, we can't help but give it at least a little love.

James Gunn Releases a Super One-Sheet

A new one-sheet has come our way for James Gunn's new flick Super (review here), in which we have a semi-psychotic Rainn Wilson thinking he's a superhero and beating people unmercifully with a club.

Exclusive Never Before Seen Images: Danielle Harris and Joe Lynch - The Bloody Best Project!

If there's one project that has us excited beyond words if only because of its absolute coolness and badassery, it's The Bloody Best Project, and, man, do we have a treat for you!

James Gunn's Super Headed to Theatres in New York, LA, and More!

We're very particular about what kind of superhero film coverage we dole out around here. There has to be something really dark or some form of monster involved to get our attention.

The Bloody Best Project Celebrates Horror in a New Way

A really cool new art book project for horror fans has been cooking for a couple of months, and we've got all the details to share along with a few photographs that are sure to pique both your curiosity and your interest. Read on to learn more about The Bloody Best Project. Here's a synopsis of what you can expect from The Bloody Best Project:

Super (2010)

Reviewed by Serena Whitney Starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon Directed by James Gunn

Scream Queens 2 Casting Call!

Think you have what it takes to be a Scream Queen? Once again, thanks to VH1 and Lionsgate, you now have the chance to find out as "Scream Queens 2" has sent out a casting call for "beautiful, confident, tenacious, uninhibited actresses who are ready for stardom and will stop at nothing to get it.".

James Gunn Shows Us His Christmas Peanus!

Genre director James Gunn is ready to spread a little Christmas fear our way with a short film that kind of defies description. Be warned though -- this is not safe for work ... I think!

Green & Cornwell Join Xbox's Horror Meets Comedy

Xbox owners have a lot to look forward to in mid-November. Gears of War will be out, a new Dashboard update brings us avatars, and a horror/comedy series will splatter all over LIVE!

Scream Queens Battle for Saw VI Role!

I am not totally certain what reality shows have to do with channels that were once dedicated to music, but

Horror Masters Go Comedic for Xbox 360

This is why I love having an Xbox 360 and have yet to see the point in the PS3 aside from its use as a Blu-ray player. Variety got word this morning that this fall a series of short films under the banner “Horror Directors Do Comedy” will show up on the console free of charge. The cool thing?

James Gunn Directs Xbox Live Originals!

If you haven't heard already, Xbox Live is currently working on original video content that will be available for download via the 360. While many TV shows and movies are currently out there, this new branch of direct downloading is a little bit more exciting. Why? Because James Gunn is involved!