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Celebrate The Purge at Home in October

Miss The Purge while it was in theatres? Want to bear witness for yourself just how wrong a great premise can go? Then YOU are in luck, my friend! The flick is hitting October 8th from Universal Home Entertainment and will be available in a DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Copy combo pack and on VOD.

How High Did The Purge Surge at this Weekend's Box Office?

Opinions on The Purge may be greatly mixed, but audiences flocked in droves to see the futuristic home invasion flick this weekend, making it a surprise, overperforming #1, even making back ten times its budget and setting a new horror movie record in the process.

The Purge: Video Soundbites - Ethan Hawke, James DeMonaco, Lena Headey, and Jason Blum

With The Purge opening up in theatres TODAY, we have a selection of video soundbites from the cast and crew. Read on to hear from Ethan Hawke, James DeMonaco, Lena Headey, and Jason Blum. Not enough? How about a behind-the-scenes video, too?

Exclusive: Q&A With The Purge Actor Max Burkholder

With Universal’s Blumhouse Productions horror/thriller The Purge opening wide in theatres this Friday, June 7th, we chatted with cast member Max Burkholder regarding his experiences while working on the film. Read on!

Press Conference Interviews: Ethan Hawke and Jason Blum Talk Violence in Movies and More for The Purge

From Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes comes the home invasion thriller The Purge, which explores the idea of a society where once a year, for a 12-hour period, all criminal activity becomes legal.

The Purge 2 Already in the Works; Teen Wolf Season 4 Happening

With The Purge opening this Friday, word has come that a sequel is already in the works. So what do you guys think? Confidence, cart before the horse, or destined to go directly to home video? Read on for details on that and more.

The Fight Begins in Three New Clips from The Purge

The time has come to board up the windows and buy some extra locks for your doors. Why? Because The Purge is right around the corner, kids, and if you want to make it through the night, you had better pay attention to these new clips.

CONTEST CLOSED! Want to Be One of the First to See The Purge? We're Giving Away 100's of Tickets!

The release of The Purge is right around the corner, and we're giving away tickets for some advance screenings in the following cities: New York City; Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; San Francisco, CA; and Chicago, IL! If you live in one of them, read on for info regarding your hot ticket!

The Purge Goes Viral and Hits Tumblr

Listen up, America, or wherever you are... The Purge is coming! In fact it's right around the corner! Will you be ready? To get you geared up two new Purge-themed sites have been set up, one viral and one on Tumblr. Check 'em out!

First Review for The Purge Now Live

With the Stanley Film Festival poised to start haunting, we have right now the first review for the latest shocker from Blumhouse and company, The Purge. Read on for our verdict, and look for more on the flick soon!

Purge, The (2013)

Starring Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Rhys Wakefield Directed by James DeMonaco

New Poster for The Purge Issues a Frightening Reminder

Twelve hours can seem like an awfully long time when you're embattled in a state of murderous chaos, which is why you should be noting all warnings leading up to the planned event of lunacy. Or... just check out this new poster, and you should be okay.

Emergency Services Suspended in this Latest TV Spot for The Purge

The first TV spot for The Purge has arrived with a sense of urgency. Check it out, and whatever you do... should your doorbell ring... do not answer it! Ya just never know. Look for the flick in theatres on June 7th.

The Purge Suppressed a Bit

Word has just come that we're all going to be waiting a little bit longer to see The Purge as the flick's release has been bumped by a week from May 31st to June 7th. Read on for more details.

The Purge Gets an Official Website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Pages

Yesterday we showed you guys the first trailer and one-sheet for Universal's new Blumhouse Productions spooker The Purge, and today we have news of the film's online homes which we are happy to direct you to!