Jack Perez

Director Jack Perez Talks Some Guy Who Kills People

Following up on some casting news a while back, director Jack Perez now talks a bit about his latest film, the John Landis produced horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People.

Some Guy Who Kills People Casting News

John Landis producing a horror comedy? The hell you say! Actually to have Landis involved in any capacity within our genre is a blessing as the man is nothing short of genius. Some casting news for his latest project which he is co-producing with Ryan Levin, Some Guy Who Kills People just hit online and we've got the breakdown for ya!

John Landis Brings Us Some Guy Who Kills People

Want to talk about an unlikely trio to get together to make a film? Try this one on for size ... a writer who's penned an episode of a medical TV comedy, a director who's straight out of The Asylum, and a prolific genre director now serving as producer on a film with a title so wacky you can't help but want to see it. Interested yet? We are.

Lionsgate Giving Thanks For Ed Kemper

It seems like certain low budget filmmakers just flip through their serial killer trading cards looking for inspiration.