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The Onion Takes a Hilarious and NSFW Look Back at The Shining

One of the most revered films around the Dread Central offices is Stanley Kubrick's masterful tale of terror that is based upon Stephen King's classic novel The Shining. As good as that film is though... that's not gonna stop the folks over at The Onion from having some fun at its expense.

The Shining's Cut Epilogue Shines On

Every now and again someone digs up a long lost relic pertaining to Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece The Shining, and each time it happens, what we see leaves us grinning from ear to ear. Kind of like the way Nicholson did in his "Heeeere's Johnny!" moment.

Check Out Some Vintage Saul Bass Rejected Poster Sketches from The Shining

Now this is pretty damned cool. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is currently hosting The Stanley Kubrick Exhibit, and one lucky visitor to the event came back with a series of images detailing rejected art designs for The Shining complete with handwritten rejection notes by Kubrick.

Longer Cut of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining on its Way to the UK

As if Film4 FrightFest wasn't enough, a cinematic gift is on its way to our friends across the pond. The longer U.S. version of the Stephen King adaptation starring Jack Nicholson will reach British audiences for the first time this Halloween.

The Shining NOT Being Screened with its Original Ending in Rochester, New York

We hate it when a plan falls apart. A couple of weeks ago, or was it last week? (so much new; so few brain cells)... Anyway, previous reports of a rare print of The Shining with an alternate ending being shown in New York have proven false.

The Shining Being Screened with its Original Ending in Rochester, New York

Oh, how we wish we were based out of Rochester, New York. Why? Because the Stanley Kubrick terror-driven tour de force The Shining will be playing up on the big screen like you've never seen it before.