J. Larose

Exclusive: Edwin Neal Joins The Undertakers

Filmmaker Kiven Head informed us today that The Undertakers: Road's End, a project we've been following close behind for sometime now, has a new cast member on hand. We'll give you a hint... he's a big fan of head cheese and knives.

New Indie Horror The Tenant

Today we received word on a new horror film coming our way called The Tenant. Michael Berryman, J. LaRose, Bill Cobbs and Randy Molnar star in the film, which was directed by newbie Ric La Monte.

Tom Savini is Voracious!

We just got word in that SFX legend Tom Savini will be directing a flick called Voracious. The cast is said to be populated by familiar horror faces Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon and Michael Berryman (who is currently unsigned but in talks).

Exclusive: Richard Hatch Joins The Undertakers!

A familiar face to all Battlestar Galatica fans out there has just joined up with J. Larose to be part of Kiven Head's zombie action film, The Undertakers: Road's End. Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo!) will be playing the role of Professor James.

Larose Joins Undertakers

Those maniacs making The Undertakers (hit the link above to see all our previous stories on it) just announced some very appropriate casting news today via the film’s MySpace page; J. Larose has signed on to play Talon Black!