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Japanese Trailer For Upcoming Spooker Kyôfu

Ok, so we've seen the poster and the stills for the next chiller coming out of Japan, Hiroshi Takahashi's latest spook-fest Kyôfu. Now how about some good old fashioned trailer action? Mind you, there are no subtitles, but hey, the language of fear is universal!

New Artwork: J-Horror Alive and Kicking in Kyôfu

We told you about Hiroshi Takahashi's latest Japanese spook-fest Kyôfu a few weeks ago and even showed you a few stills from the flick to get you into the long black-haired spirit of things. Ready for the one-sheet? No? Well, here it is anyway!

Kyôfu Coming to Haunt Japan in July

Is anybody really still watching J-horror anymore? I don't know about you guys, but we've pretty much had our fill of spooky little girls dressed in white with long black hair. Even our own Andrew Kasch only gets a half a chub when a new Japanese flick comes out, and that's really saying something!