It's Alive!

It’s Alive Remake on DVD in August

Given we live in an age where darn near every horror movie hitting theaters is either a remake or a sequel, it’s kind of surprising to hear that a remake is bypassing theaters and going straight to DVD. Such is the case of the remake of Larry Cohen’s killer baby opus It’s Alive.

Extended It's Alive Trailer Unearthed

An extended trailer for the upcoming killer baby remake It's Alive! has found its way on to the net, and honestly it doesn't look half bad.

New It's Alive! Trailer

It looks way more polished than I would have thought, but then with names like Bijou Phillips attached, I guess low-budget slaughter isn’t really on the plate. Below you can see the Cannes promo trailer for the remake of It’s Alive!, in which Phillips stars as a new mother whose infant has a pesky habit of killing when it’s scared.

It's Alive Again

Man, why can’t they leave the Larry Cohen movies alone? Though I admit the original It’s Alive left much to be desired in terms of effects, the film itself was damn fine and indicative of the timeframe in which it was set; far from timeless, It’s Alive is a snapshot of a very specific period in history that just can't be duplicated. Now a new picture is being taken and something tells me its being done with a cheap-ass Polaroid.