Italian Ghost Stories

New One-Sheet Tells Italian Ghost Stories; US Premiere Set for June 4th

Mama mia! The dead ... they don't forget nothing! They holda the grudge like the Corleones againsta Moe Green. You ready to mangia some olda school spookery? No? Eh bafangool! From the Press Release:

One Eyed Films Ready to Tell Italian Ghost Stories (Fantasmi)

Okay, it's Friday. Lots of you will be going out to dinner. Hanging with friends. Getting lucky. Might we suggest that you go Italian? After all, what goes better with pasta than spicy spook sauce (available for just $19.99 with purchase of a Shiwalla car sponge)? From the Press Release

First Details and Trailer for New Anthology Italian Ghost Stories

This weekend we received the first word on a new anthology film coming from producer Gabriele Albanesi (The Last House in the Woods, Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show) -- Italian Ghost Stories. The project consists of five segments helmed by a group of young first-time Italian directors as follows: Ep.1: OFFLINE di Andrea Gagliardi Ep.2: FIABA DI UN MOSTRO di Stefano Prolli