It Came From the Internet!

Zombies Invade YouTube Space LA!

Just in time for Halloween… it seems there has been a zombie outbreak on YouTube, and some of your favorite channels have been attacked. Well, at least it looked that way as the undead took over YouTube Space LA.

Spooky Records Shattered in The Guinness Book of World Records 2014 Edition!

Crazy carvers! Sizable sweets! Prodigious pumpkin pies! The fall is upon us, and with it comes the most terrifying of all holidays: Halloween! To celebrate, the ghoulish record keepers at Guinness World Records have summoned up their favorite frightening feats!

Take a Vampire 101 Class on TedEd

We all have our favorite vampires, but how well do you really know the history of our favorite blood-sucking human predators? Check out this cool, and very informative, animated video from TedEd.com loaded with vampire info.

Candyman Gets a Makeover in New Parody Video

If you say his name five times into the mirror, he'll pop up behind you, shoot bees out of his mouth, and tear you apart with his hook hand. At least, that's what Clive Barker led us to believe about the man they call Candyman...

What If Several Horror Classics Got the R.L. Stine Goosebumps Treatment?

Many of us have grown up with the young adult horror fiction of R.L. Stine and his Goosebumps series, which serves as the perfect set of genre training wheels for us horror fans with kids. But what if Stine had penned some of horror's most visceral content?

Horror Decor's Limited Edition Cereal Monsters Pillow Available Tonight!

This year marked the return of General Mills' Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy cereals, the company catering to nostalgia-obsessed monster lovers by releasing all five of their monster cereals onto store shelves for the very first time.

Faux Trailer for Feed to Kill Evokes the Spirit of the 80s

There was a period of time when it seemed like everyone and their mothers were making faux grindhouse-style trailers, a trend that started when Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made their own cinematic ode to exploitation glory. Some were great. Some were awful...

The Youth of Today Do Not Find John Carpenter's Halloween Scary

While scouring the wire for news for you cats, we came across an interesting tidbit over on Yahoo! Movies concerning a "study" done with millennial subjects who reveal that they don't find the John Carpenter classic Halloween scary.

Horror Hotel Now Open For Business!

A short while ago we told you about the new web series called Horror Hotel that was poised to bring us some indie tales of the weird and fantastic. Well, now we've gotten word that the doors are open for business and the series is in full swing on YouTube. Check in and check it out!

American Horror Story and American Horror Story: Asylum Dissected

There's nothing better to see than fans digging into their favorite subjects and coming up with some cool and comprehensive tidbits which you may or may not have realized.

Did Someone Die in YOUR House? Find out NOW!

Buying a new house or apartment? Experiencing weird things at your current address? Did someone possibly die there? At one time or another the thought has to have crossed your mind. Now you can find out. Be warned though... you may not like the answer.

Toy Story Part of The Walking Dead Herd

The eerie parallels between "The Walking Dead" and Toy Story continue to stun in this latest mash-up video from Jake Woody. Seriously... this is pretty damned awesome and works incredibly well. Dig it!

Your Smartphone Becomes a Disgusting Halloween Costume with Digital Dudz!

It may not take a rocket scientist to put together a cool Halloween costume. But what would happen if a rocket scientist did actually put one together? Introducing Digital Dudz, the brainchild of former NASA engineer Mark Rober!

iPhone Prank Unleashes Ghosts on Unsuspecting Citizens

Ah, nothing beats a good old fashioned Halloween prank. And prankster Jack Vale just pulled off a pretty damn classic one, using the power of his iPhone to creep passersby right the hell out!

The Shining Gets an 8-bit Makeover!

A handful of different horror movies have been honored with 8-bit video games over the years, including Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.