It Came From the Internet!

A Bloody Video That Will Save Your Life!

Rarely am I at a loss for words, but this? You HAVE to see this video. It's like Faces of Death meets on the job training. Don't know who made it or where it is from, but here at Dread Central we care about you. You're well-being is our number one concern! It's our responsibility to share this!

Strange Video for You to Peruse

Here are Dread Central we get lots of crazy stuff in our in-boxes. Every day is like Christmas only instead of getting gifts we are propositioned for sex, offered riches from a Nigerian king, and told about upcoming horror movies. Sometimes we even get the occasional strange video for us to share with you guys.

Lost Zombies Wants Your Last Words

If you're not familiar with Lost Zombies by now, holy shit are you missing out! What is it, you ask? In a nutshell Lost Zombies is a social network whose goal is to document the zombie apocalypse and create the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary. Sound cool? You have no idea!

Real Life Zombies in New Orleans?

Nola.com recently posted this bizarre news that could only come from one place. The Internet. Possible zombie outbreak? Is he just a lunatic? One thing is for sure, this shit is not your everyday kind of thing.

AMC Launches BMC Online

B-movie fans rejoice. AMC, which some of you may remember at one time stood for "American Movie Classics" until the "classic" portions of the name became rather dubious, has just launched BMC (B-Movie Classics), a subsidiary of AMC's website streaming classic and not-so-classic B-movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Dread Central Twittering Live from Sets: Crazies and H2

Twitter has revolutionized the way that everyone does things. Case in point -- our man Nomad is out on the set of the remake of The Crazies today, and then he'll be traveling to the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 tomorrow. You can expect full set reports in the near future, but for now Nomad will be tweeting live from the sets!

Destroy Your Neighborhood Now!

Ever wanna just lay waste to your surroundings, or even the surroundings of a good friend or enemy? Then Fox Home Entertainment has the perfect way for you to get out your aggression!

Want to See Coolest Headphones ... EVER?

As a promotion, Nokia held a design competition recently encouraging designers to conceive headphones based on their favorite music. Wait until you see what this one dude made! We want them NOW!

Elm Street Reboot Script Review

Get ready for the most unique script review you've ever seen. El Mayimbe over at Latino Review has put up a video review of Platinum Dunes' script for the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. You need to check this out ASAP!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tribute Band Austrian Death Machine

How I missed this amount of pure fucking awesome is beyond me. I mean shit, I hadn't really lived until I discovered Austrian Death Machine.

Meet Mister Serial Killer

At least 80% of my emails get tossed into the junk pile ... sad I know, but seriously the last thing a mother of six needs is a way to make her penis larger! And it’s disturbing to say the least to know that so many people are greatly concerned when it comes to the health of my colon! Needless to say it’s always a nice change to get an email message that actually interests me! Like the one I just received from Steven Cerritos about his newest pet project ... Mister Serial Killer!

DownloadHorror.com Launches This Friday

Looking for a horror specific alternative to NetFlix or Hulu, and have a little extra cash to spare? Come this Friday horror fans will have yet another horror movie watching alternative to check out, DownloadHorror.com.

Celebrate Wes Craven Online

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you already know just how prolific Wes Craven is and how he’s impacted the horror industry throughout his 37-year career. So you certainly don’t need any Cliff Notes on who Craven is.

Want to Play Around in The Last House on the Left?

I'll admit it. I'm a gamer. There's a lot to be said for video games -- whether your letting go of frustration by doling out some very well placed head-shots or just testing your mental prowess or knowledge of trivia (speaking of which, if anyone has Buzz on PS3, I'll be happy to hand you your asses).

Rave from the Cave with Capt. Rhodes

Good ol' You Tube! You never know what's likely to pop up over there. Earlier today we got a call from Captain Rhodes himself, aka Joe Pilato, to tell us about a short he recently put up on the site: "Rave from the Cave".