It Came From the Internet!

The Dead Hour Begins Second Season! First Teaser Trailer!

When it comes to web series, it seems as if everyone and their grandmother has one either online now, in production, or just getting started. That's why we use a lot of discretion when reporting about them and only bring you the good stuff. Case in point: "The Dead Hour".

Scared in 60 Seconds: Ted Raimi to Unleash Morbid Minutes

Best known for his roles as Joxer the Mighty in "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and Lt. Tim O'Neill in "seaQuest DSV," Ted Raimi has been around. And being a veteran of Evil Dead, Candayman and other horror films, he knows what's unsettling for the audience. And he's using this knowledge to scare the bejesus out of the rest of us.

SHHH! Episode 6: Experiences Legendary Suffering

Another week, another episode of SHHH. This week we have everything from insights into Hollywood's latest remakes to not so ghostly recordings to another classic streaming review. The full description follows...

SHHH! Episode 5 Crawls from the Grave

After a small break The Spooky Hour Horror Hour with Ted, Raychul, Sub-Z and DerrickH is back for another week of horror speak, including classic and current movie reviews, news, and even a game review. Read on for the details.

The Creepiest iPhone 4 Case on the Planet

You know, ninety-nine percent of the time we see a product that just leaves us scratching our heads and wondering, who in the friggin' world would design such a thing, it's usually coming out of Japan. Case in point ... For you iPhone 4 freaks out there, behold the strangest damned case we've ever seen for the damned thing! Dubbed the "Mischievous Hand", this shit is the stuff of nightmares.

B-Sides - There Can Be Only This One

You really thought I’d let this column get this far without featuring possibly the greatest b-movie theme song of all time? Sure, you’ve heard Queen’s Highlander theme “Princes of the Universe”, but how many of you have ever actually seen the MTV music video they did for the movie?

SHHH! Episode 4 Now Live and Twitching

It's Shark Week and SHHH is fired up and ready ... or not. This week Sub-Z, Ted and Derrick watch another classic on streaming, as well as "The Heroic Trio."

B-Sides: Cat's Eye Is King

When you consider that Stephen King movies during the Eighties boasted theme songs performed by the likes of AC/DC and The Ramones, having the guy most famous for singing “Everything Is Beautiful”, “Ahab the Arab”, “Gitarzan”, and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” provide one probably seemed like a strange choice.

SHHH! A Double Dose of Aural Goodness!

The Spooky Hour Horror Hour returns this week with a double dose of ear candy. That's right, kids. Because of the madness of Comic-Con last week, you're getting two shows this time! Two, I tell you!

B-Sides - In Honor of This Weekend's Carmageddon

If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Vacation, then you’ve no doubt ended up with Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” stuck in your head. Now if only anyone could figure out what was going through his head when he filmed this depressingly surreal music video for such an upbeat song.

Buz "Danger" Wallick Getting Ready to Treat You to Same Shit, Different Show

Making a movie is a lot like going to war, and everyone has a different story to tell on how they made it through. Conversations with writers, directors, producers, actors, gaffers, cinematographers, production assistants, and sound guys.

The Night Crew Bring a Double Dose of Terror Talk!

The denizens of The Night Crew Podcast have been busy these past few weeks, releasing not one, but two new episodes of their groundbreaking podcast.

Famous Monsters Goes to Comic-Con, Goes Digital, and More!

They promised, and they delivered! Our friends at Famous Monsters of Filmland gave their word they would celebrate the one-year anniversary of their return in grand style.

SHHH! Dread Central Has a New Podcast! The Spooky Hour Horror Hour!

We hear it all the time. When are you guys going to do a new Dinner for Fiends? When are you going to do another Foycast? Well, as always they're coming. Actually we're revamping the way we're doing things so it's taking a while to work out the kinks. However, we have really good news for you!

The Monster Channel Takes You Back to the 80's

For many of you (myself included) the 80's holds a special place in your heart. The decade that saw VCRs going into most every home and video stores popping up on every corner brought us a whole new world of horror. Suddenly we could devour everything in our genre, whether we ordered it out of the back of Fangoria or found it at our favorite video store (Aardvark Video).