It Came From the Internet!

FEARnet Presents Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules; Announces New Acquisitions and Programing Initiatives

Are you all caught up on the very cool Trick 'r Treat shorts FEARnet has been putting out over the past several months? In honor of the Halloween holiday and the all-day Trick 'r Treat marathon they'll be running on the 31st, the network has released four more new videos entitled Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules. In addition they've made a huge announcement about FEARnet's slate of Halloween and year-round programing initiatives that are sure to satisfy horror fans' thirst for genre content through 2012.

Teenage Love Zombies Web Comic Passes One Year Mark and Offers Free Halloween Mask Downloads

Kevin Gentilcore's zombie horror romance web comic Teenage Love Zombies has passed the one-year mark of weekly updates and is continuing strong. In honor of the Halloween season, readers will be able to download free masks featuring two of the series' more popular characters: the Franken Pumpkin and the Lab Zombie.

Horror Writers Association Offers Guidelines to Writers and Free Swag Through October

We cover an absolute ton of horror films here on Dread Central, but don't fear, horror writers; we've got you covered as well. As horror writers ourselves, we know the challenges you face if you're just getting started in the business, or even if you're a seasoned veteran, and we've got a group that can help you along the way... and to put a cherry on top, they're giving away free stuff!

Facebook Dares You to Take This Lollipop

Who doesn't love candy from strangers, right? If you're a horror fan and you're on Facebook, then you'll absolutely want to check out what has to be one of the coolest and creepiest viral campaigns we've seen yet!

Crackle Launches "Kill Count" Featuring Over 300 of the Most Creative On-Screen Kills

Crackle, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s multi-platform video entertainment network, has launched a deadly collection of horror films entitled "Kill Count". "Kill Count" features a select group of 30 of the most stomach-turning, blood-dripping, gut-spilling horror films available anywhere that catalogue the most outrageous death moments — from impalements to truck sandwiches.

Premiere Props Having Monster Sized Halloween Auction!

Once again the good folks over at Premiere Props have put together a horror-themed auction to die for, riddled with all sorts of horror goodies and special guests. Even cooler? Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs, Chillerama, "Vh1’s Scream Queens") will be joining radio personality Leo Quinones (The Film Freak) for this guaranteed circus of fear!

The Dead Are Among Us - And They Have Advocates!

There are many groups that have been disenfranchised throughout history; be it race, religion, gender or sexuality- the fight for equality has changed its face many times. This time, however, its face has become rotten, bloodied and pretty nasty.

First Details on the Playing with Fire Online Horror Screenplay Event

At midnight on October 18, 2011, author and journalist Harold Goldberg launched a unique Web experience and experiment: Playing with Fire, a horror-based script collaboration with three brilliant Oscar- and Emmy-nominated craftsmen. Read on for all the details of how you can participate.

The Original Thing Cast Watches the Premake

Ever wonder what would happen if worlds collided? Or, for that matter, if the space time continuum gets disrupted and the original cast of a film would settle down for a remake years later? Well, you're about to find out as the guys at JoBlo have conjured up a short that is nothing less than absolute magic!

The Walken Dead Have a Fever ...

There's no denying the popularity of "The Walking Dead". When we were first reading Robert Kirkman's comics, we knew this tale was nothing short of genius. As a result zombies have now infected every aspect of pop culture.

Twi-hards Unite - The Twilight Time Capsule Gives You a Home of Your Own

All right, you die-hard Twilight fans, I'm going to do my best to go easy on you here. We've gotten word that you now have your very own online location where you can interact with other like-minded individuals. Finally Team Edward and Team Jacob together. Vampires and werewolves and broody teenaged girls ... oh my!

Night Terrors Will Have You Wetting the Bed

Bikers, babes, blood and a guy wearing one of the most disturbing Charlie McCarthy masks you'll ever see. All of this and much more will be waiting for you with the new anthology series Night Terrors.

Vote For Your 2011 Horror Favorites at Killer Reviews and Win Swag

You know horror. You wouldn't be spending your time on Dread Central if you didn't. It's time you put that knowledge and all those hours you spent this year watching people get hacked and slashed, not to mention eaten by shambling hordes, to good use. The fine folks at Killer Reviews are looking for your opinion on the best horror performances this year. And they're willing to give away free shit to get your vote.

Mass Most Haunted Brings Some Spooky to YouTube

Here at Dread Central there are few things we love more than a scary ghost story. Who doesn't love a good chill sent tingling down one's spine? Even better is when actual unexplained occurrences are captured on film. Speaking of which ...

First Look at Afterfall: Insanity

That pesky apocalypse is back again in video game form with the latest bit of interactive terror known as Afterfall: Insanity. Read on for stills, the teaser trailer, and details!