It Came From the Internet!

The Night Crew Returns!

Yes, those enigmatic cinematics are back with the launch of Season 2 of their popular podcast. So far this season the Crew has release three episodes as well as a Halloween Music Special, and there’s no stopping them now.

Dare You Become Part of Project 11?

The real world and the virtual world have a tendency to blend, causing all manner of chaos to befall anyone and everyone in its way when such an occurrence transpires. Nowhere is that going to be more apparent than in Project 11.

A Triple Shot of SHHH!

Missing your weekly dosage of the Spooky Hour Horror Hour? We hear ya! October has been a crazy month and harder for us than ever to get everything done. However, as a means of catching up and getting back on track, we have three new episodes for you right here!

Blood List 2011 - The Best Unproduced Horror Scripts

Since 2009 "The Blood List" (an offshoot of "The Black List") has shone the spotlight on horror scripts that were seeking a home. The 2011 list in now out, and as always we have it for you right here to chew on!

Chloe Moretz is a Very Scary Girl

Time for a bit more Halloween hijinx courtesy of one of our favorite websites, Funny or Die! Strap in, kids, as the coolest young chick in the world, Chloe Moretz, is out to prove exactly why she is one Scary Girl!

Make Your First Contact Online NOW!

Have some time to kill before trick or treating someone to death tonight? Then how about you pull your chair up closer to the monitor, crank up for sound, and enjoy the cinéma vérité style spookiness of First Contact: The X Species right now!

Sheri Moon Zombie and Total Skull Want You to Have a Happy Halloween

Rob's not the only member of the Zombie family who's keeping busy these days. Sheri Moon Zombie is filming her husband's The Lords of Salem currently, but before that got under way, she put together a new promo video for her Total Skull clothing line that ties in with everyone's favorite upcoming holiday, Halloween (of course)!

The Uninvited Horror Mag Barges Into the App Store

A brand new horror-themed application has been launched at the App Store, and The Uninvited, a chilling e-magazine, is wasting no time getting the creepy scares out. The first issue, which contains five full works, three short stories and two comic books, is available now!

Heed the Fog Warning on iTunes this Halloween 2011

News of one other film debuting online this Halloween landed in our inbox so of course we have to share, especially since Fog Warning promises a new twist on vampire movies, and lord knows we can certainly use another one of those! iTunes is the place to find this indie flick by director Christopher Ward labeled as a horror/action/thriller.

Sink Your Fangs Into Valemont on October 31st

Just where do vampires go to learn how to deal with humans on a day-to-day basis? Can't exactly head down to the nearest etiquette class or check out a local finishing school. Vamps have to be a bit more creative. Thankfully they have Valemont... a place that teaches the undead how to deal with the not yet undead.

John Carpenter Offers Fans a Trick and a Treat in Latest Halloween Spoof - Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge

This is it, kids! Halloween weekend! Time for boils and ghouls of every age, shape, and size to shed their skin and have some fun, and that's exactly what horror icon John Carpenter has done with this latest short film!

Watch Night of the Pumpkin Right Here, Right Now!

Here it is, folks. No more waiting and no need to cruise around to other parts of the deep, dark Internet. We've got Night of the Pumpkin for you right here in its goopy, seed-filled entirety!

A Couple of Music Playlists to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

We're always walking a fine line when it comes to music news here on Dread Central, but a couple of pretty cool music playlists geared toward Halloween crossed our desks this week so we thought we'd share them with you guys. Whether your tastes run more toward "Chillers" or "Thrillers", we think you'll find something you like. Read on for the details, and give them a listen.

Tell a Scary Joke to The Funny Man

Two guys walk into a bar... which is strange because you would think if the first guy walked into it, the second guy would have seen it! *rim shot* Wocka, wocka, wocka! Ah, to be a funny man. And that is the subject of the new web series presented by Daily Motion entitled, just that, The Funny Man. However, this dude is anything but funny and actually seems really difficult to get along with.

October 31st is Undead Pride Day

It's nice to see our country moving in the right direction as far as acceptance of those different than ourselves. Sure, we've got a long way to go to be a completely accepting society, but we're on the right track. Here in New York we see people celebrating diversity all the time. We have the Gay Pride Parade, the Latin American Pride Parade, and those are just two of the more popular ones. However, even with all that, one group has been consistently overlooked...and they're pissed.